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“United in peace. In peace, he repeated, in peace, in peace. (…) In peace there is unity. Unity with other lives. Unity with all being. For beneath all being, beneath the countless identical but separate patterns, beneath the attractions and repulsions, lies peace. The same peace as underlines the frenzy of the mind. Dark peace, immeasurably deep. Peace from pride and hatred and anger, peac e from cravings and aversions, peace from all the separating frenzies. Peace through liberation, for peace is achieved freedom . Freedom and at the same time truth. The truth of unity actually experienced. Peace in the depths, under the storm, far down below the leaping of the waves, the frantically flying spray. Peace in this profound subaqueous night, peace in this silence, this still emptiness where there is no more time, where there are no more images, no more words. Nothing but the experience of peace; peace as a dark void beyond all personal life, and yet itself a form of life more intense, for all its diffuseness, for all the absence of aim or desire, richer and of finer quality than ordinary life.”

Aldous Huxley, “Eyeless in Gaza”, 1936.