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There are many types of yoga and they all have the same goal – union between you as an individual and the Universe. Yoga means ‘Union’. Kundalini Yoga has it’s own way to getting you to that union.

Kundalini Yoga is a system of physical exercises, breathwork, chanting (sound vibration) and meditation designed to bring body, mind and spirit to peak condition and balance and give your life an amazing boost.

It does this by raising  ‘Kundalini’ energy.

Kundalini is life force energy energy at the base of our spine, said to be sleeping or dormant.  As it rises through the spine and system you experience a gradual awakening and you start to feel more alive, well and radiant.  Radiance is light, and from that light you feel a natural high and happiness.  Waking kundalini helps you feel 100% you.

When our energy is flowing more readily we regenerate more quickly and feel more natural. We are less afraid to express ourself and talents in the world. We have the extra energy to live to our highest potential. There is something magical about Kundalini Yoga, especially since it’s effects can be so quick.

Kundalini Yoga makes living in the modern world and handling challenges much easier. Internal strength and balance is crucial these days more than ever but can be tricky in a time of information overload and networks, especially in busy cities like Birmingham. Kundalini Yoga gives energy, strength and magnetism and helps banish stress, depression, helplessness and anxiety.

What is Kundalini Yoga’s history?

Yoga BirminghamKundalini Yoga is a modern form of yoga brought to California in the late 1960’s by a sage named Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan taught my teacher – Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa – directly.




What can I expect from a Kundalini class?
People of all ages, body types, fitness levels are welcome to a Kundalini class. You don’t have to keep up with the rest of the group and can rest and enjoy the journey as you go along. We practice with our eyes closed so you will not feel self conscious. Yoga is a practice of self awareness and so you learn to get to know your body and the right pace for you. Just trust the process and believe you will progress more everyday. Yoga should be fun and enjoyable. Do as much as you can and take lots of breaks.

Why do I teach Kundalini Yoga?
I like Kundalini Yoga as a fun practice for energy, strength and radiance. Inner peace and happiness are not a myth. They are the side effects of a strong nervous system, balanced glandular system and full flow of life force energy and spirit. Keeping fit and healthy helps me to live my fullest expression, with no fear and a fire in my heart.