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Vibrancy Lifestyle Method

Humans are powerful. Life is short. 
And there is nothing so painful as feeling stuck and unfulfilled; nothing so tragic as the person who regrets, on their deathbed, that they did not live to their true potential.

Vibrancy Lifestyle Method exists to facilitate the swift, elegant transformation from one outdated identity to a new identity. The individual’s own mental and physical constitution provides the raw material, while Hema Neer’s insights and one-of-a-kind method result in self-care that is simple, sophisticated and sustainable.

Health is not merely the absence of disease.
It’s the art of living with purpose, peace & passion.
– Hema Neer

Hema Neer

Hema Neer promotes a truthful way of seeing transformation through a number of valuable lens which applies more than ever to the modern woman.

She is proud of her record because she doesn’t make promises she cannot fulfil. The message is simple: sustainable solutions are only possible when mind body and life are cleared of toxins, blocks,  inflammation and waste. Only then can the individual truly take back control and live with health, contentment and wellbeing. 

An experienced coach, mentor, healer and strategist, Hema created VIBRANCY to ensure that deeper self-care is made simple for busy women. New Age, superficial bandaids are avoided and you are fast-tracked to timeless wisdom which is even more powerful in today’s age.

A qualified Ayurvedic health practitioner, holistic and integrative physiotherapist, healer and energy advisor, Hema has 15+ years’ working on luxury yachts, with progressive and influential women, business-owners and CEOs – to transform stress, health and wellbeing.

My challenge is to help talented women with health conditions (diagnosed or not) feel as much daily vibrancy and moment-by-moment ease.– Hema Neer

A bit about what led me here

In 2006 I was climbing up the management career ladder at a fast-paced Fortune 500 London company. Simultaneously in this masculine environment  I was burning out, driving my hormones into chaos, pleasing others, perpetually keeping up with an unsustainable cycle of working, socialising, exercising with no time for myself.

I was acting out an extroverted version of my introverted self for 10 whole years, thinking that was less boring.  My inner landscape was anxiety-ridden, war-torn, self-critical and lonely. On the outside I looked okay, a bit podgy but got away with it, and my anxiety and depression wore a smile.

in 2007 began my quest to truly heal.

Fast forward to this day and I’ve invested thousands in my education to get to the truth of transformation and why people don’t heal even though they’ve ‘tried everything.’  

I’ve learned a thing or two about living and ageing feeling calm and content. I want to help you avoid superficial bandaids and fast-track you to what works so you can achieve the same.

Both the home of my birth (UK) the home of my ancestry (India) have informed my life’s work, and anchored my commitment to help shape a world of truth.

I used to dream of a simple, nature-infused, slow, intentional life in the Mediterranean with warmer climes and soulful culture, and now i’m living it in Greece.

A friend once told me

That every year I seem to re-define myself, shed a layer and dive into the next evolution of me. He called me a gypsy back then and I suppose I’ve got quite a bit of that lineage flowing in me.

There have been so many chapters in this lifetime. I’ve been in stages all over the world and thought that was it. 

But once again I hear the quiet voice of the soul that to me it was time to leave, and I thought, “uh, oh, here I go…”

So here I find you – perhaps wanting to way to live with just a bit more celebration in your life.


My vision involves helping anyone who I meet on my path live with health and freedom, feeling content and connected. Along the way I hope to help make world a little bit more real and kinder. 

I dream of enjoying moments with genuine humans around a table, underneath the stars, with the sounds of nature or lush electronica.



I WAS PRACTICALLY BORN A BUSINESSWOMEN filing paperwork at ten years old, eagerly volunteering to help at my parents’ business.

MY BIRTHDAY IS THE 1ST OF JANUARY – a true Capricorn with a Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius (bg energies) – I need freedom above anything and I do not like being told what to do, especially by the psychopaths in charge!

I’VE HAD A LONG TERM LOVE AFFAIR with subtle energy and multidimensional consciousness and it’s why I became a priestess in this lifetime, to have closer contact with the natural kingdom and to inspire women to take their health, wealth and power seriously.

I LOVE SONGS ABOUT FREEDOM which reminds me of what’s real and true. I love deep conversations, quiet early mornings and music ranging from Kate Bush to Chopin.

I LIVED IN BERLIN FOR FOUR YEARS as a lifestyle choice with my two black cats after some fun, glamorous travel and teaching yoga on yachts. I am originally from the UK but needed warmed climes and culture to enjoy simple pleasures!

I LOVE BOOKS and was the child that read in bed under the covers with a flashlight when she should have been asleep. One of my earliest memories was being accused by a school teacher for lying about reading an entire Roald Dahl book in one evening. I never forgot the feelings of being misunderstood, and pretty much kept quiet about my accomplishments after that! 

Hema’s philosophy

VITALITY:  Live to your full potential and celebrate life
CLARITY:  Remove, declutter, release, detox, digest
SOCIAL JUSTICE:  Her work is underpinned by…

Empowerment: She encourages continuous improvement without reliance on external authorities
Energetics: She aims to teach people to take control of their minds and bodies.
Excellence: Hema strives to fulfil her purpose in an balanced way and helps you do the same.


I am known for working at depth and understanding transformation from a number of valuable lenses.  


Yoga Teacher of 3 forms: Kundalini, Hatha, Tantra
Ayurvedic Health Counsellor
Mindbody medicine
Psychotherapeutic Life Coach
Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapist
Trauma specialist
Nutritional Advisor
 & brain health
Meditation Teacher
Spiritual Advisor
Priestess Healer of Gaia

Reiki Master Teacher – Seichem & Usui Reiki Ryoho
Violet Flame Healing Teacher 
Metatronia Healing Teacher
Vipassana Meditation
Priestess Healer of Gaia


Rhythmic Potential™: Where Nature, Nurture & Your Essence Thrives
Ayurveda Doctor studies
Traditional Tantra studies (Kashmir Shaivism)
Peak performance & easeful living
Women’s Health & Hormones

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