To reach your full potential, create change and win at the way you do life

One of my heavyweight mentors used to say “You are either living your life or you are living a lie”.  I was handing out in the latter for a loooong time – perpetually keeping up with the daily grind, settling for mediocrity, unfulfilled in my busyness.  Waking up anxious and inexplicable tears which eventually the prozac couldn’t even shake off. (Oh I know mental health struggles really well.) My inner world was noisy suffering.…until I learned the truth about how to be more positive, more confident, resilient and actually secure in my skin to show up fully — but not just that, I learned the truth about positive change.  Beyond New Age bandaids and wellness quick fixes.  It took me nearly a decade! And that’s why I’m making the transition online… to save women like you some time…..

In the beginning

From 1999 to 2007, outwardly I seemed to be functioning well in my well paid corporate position, nice home, fancy clothes.

However inside was a different story. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and social anxiety and put on meds by a GP on a pedestal.  He never asked me about my inner world. I was disconnected, fatigued, people-pleasing, internally impoverished. A shit storm of shame and FOPO (fear of people’s opinions). 

I couldn’t even walk past a bus stop without worrying about what people were thinking. 

I felt completely alone and trapped in secret silence and self-judgement about my angst.  The only joy in my life was music! And I seemed fine on the dance floor, dress up my pain in stylish clothes and drink and snort away my secret mental turmoil. 

Underneath the façade I loathed myself for conforming like a nodding dog part of the community of the vertical dead.  I always knew there was more to life but I lacked the energy and mental capacity to access it.

I turned to my GP in the first instance, as you do when you feel rubbish and within seconds I had my first prescription of anti-depressants. 

I hid my internal war with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and addictions, whilst playing an extroverted version of my more introverted self for ten whole years. 

The thing is even then I knew there was more to depression than the seratonin theory being pushed on me by the doctor.  So I tried everything from counselling and mindfulness to elimination diets and supplements.  I failed a hundred times at getting my head sorted.  I was exhausted from battling with myself. I just wanted to be me and be loved for it. I needed a cure for the daily tears.  

In 2007 then there was a breaking point and total burnout. I was D-O-N-E.

Done with the emotional numbness from anti-depressants. (Like trouble orgasming – one of the last straws.)

Done with selling my soul, the fakerie, the force and the hustle.

Done with unbearable chattering of my mind, people pleasing and just OVER it all.

I sold everything I owned and gave up everything I had built (all material shit that never made my impoverished soul happy) and started completely from scratch. I spent 1-1 time with energy masters, feminist yoga teachers, Taoists, Tantrics, Gurus, philosophers and true artists of life.

I deprogrammed myself slowly and reinstalled new mental software. 
I learned where I’d been going wrong with single-pronged approaches that only looked at one aspect of a person.
I was reclaiming my body, my mind and my life back.
I started saying YES to a future of meaningful relationships and celebration for no reason other than having a heartbeat.


Fast forward to this day and I’ve invested thousands in my education to get to the bottom of transformation and why I wasn’t healing having tried so much in my earlier years. 

I’ve learned a thing or two about deeper happiness, vibrant health and full potential living the way nature intended. 

In 2018 I got a letter from my GP asking me where I’d been for 7 years. My psychological and physical immunity is rock solid.  I want that freedom from Big Pharma too.

Approaching 40 years old, my biological age is 23.

I want to help you avoid superficial Band-Aids and fast-track you to what works so your natural health and brilliance can shine.

I’ve taken my experience and brought it online because I’m concerned with empty promises of overnight transformation and shiny new objects being flaunted as the next magic bullet.


Change is a process and not an event!



if you are ready to

  • Make your mind a safe haven of deep peace
  • Enrich your life from the inside out
  • Get your mind and energy back like yesterday
  • Take back your power, eyeroll, sorry for the wanky cliche!
  • Awaken to your natural, birth blueprint
  • Experience true eros, a sense of aliveness and vitality beyond the bedroom
  • If you value depth, despise superficiality and how fake the world is getting
  • You crave more intimacy and real connection through more nourishing relationships
  • Break free from strong cultural, societal and patriarchal ties
  • Drop the weight and clutter in your mind and your body
  • Get deeply connected to your ambition and vision
  • Find freedom within yourself to be you more fully
  • Power up yet slow down with more time and space
  • Resolve trauma and increase availability to life
  • Standing in your power and integrity, unmoved by busyness, disconnection, panic or fear that swirl around you
  • Regenerate and get your life juices flowing
  • Claim back vital energy to rise and shine
  • Take deep care of yourself for the rest of your long, healthy life
  • Release addictions and outdated patterns


Why work with me?

Fab question.



  • had a GP writing to them asking for their whereabouts because they’ve not been seen in the doctor’s surgery for 7 years (true story!)
  • is committed to the transmission of truth and sharing the stuff no one is talking about
  • is a shortcut to sustainable happiness that is stable, clear and wise
  • is a change expert with an honest approach who can look after you with huge positivity and strength
  • has genuinely walked the path before you of becoming complete and whole
  • is an ambitious woman who understands your drive and determination
  • simplifies the lives of talented women with no-bs wellness strategy for time, space, aliveness and peace of mind to fuel their ambition
  • stands against information that is incomplete or borderline manipulative
  • will have real-world, 10 + years proven experience in the strategies they teach
  • knows the power staying true to who you really are, holding bold dreams for yourself and taking inspired action to make them come true
  • knows how lonely transformation can feel at times. How doubt can creep in, stealing power and self-belief. How friendships change. How growth can sometimes make you want to hide and retreat from the world.
  • Has continued to invest in education and going deeper into TRUTH even when she was getting great results and in all honesty could have stopped there

My story isn’t the usual “One day when I was asking the angels to know my purpose, I got down on my knees to pray for a sign and then one day I heard “Your purpose is to serve and teach others”. 



I was practically born an entrepreneur! Filing paperwork at ten years old, eagerly helping my parents in their business. So understanding the unique mindset and challenges of business owners from a very early age has helped me understand which big – but practical –  strategy makes the difference between bandaids and long term success.   

With an extensive background in the healing arts, coupled with over a decades experience in women’s health, eastern medicine, gut and immune health, I’ve committed my life to freeing people from disease and disharmony.

I’m crazy passionate about the life changing power of truth-led teachings from beautiful and clear spiritual and scientific models based on the human condition — to own your body, mind and life.

I an expert in relieving anxiety, rising out of depression, sleeping soundly, attaining and maintaining your ideal weight, boosting immunity, relieving pain and have stable, thriving energy throughout each day. Following my teachings will also help you avoid chronic diseases and conditions, such as autoimmune conditions, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity and arthritis—some of the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems.  

 A friend once told me

…that every few years I re-define myself, shed a layer and dive into something new.  He called me a gypsy back then – and I suppose I’ve got quite a bit of that lineage flowing in me.

I come to you with an expression of spirituality – likely not what you’ve encountered before, and this is a good thing. My definition of spirituality is to be absolutely tapped into your most open-hearted self. In flow with your skills and talents and loving all things life – whether it’s meditating with monks or enjoying a cocktail at happy hour. You choose. You define.  

There have been so many chapters in this lifetime. I’ve been on stages all over the world and thought that was it. 

But once again I hear the quiet voice of the soul that to me it was time

to leave, and I thought, “uh, oh, here I go…”

So here I find you – perhaps wanting to way to live with just a bit more receptivity or to express more honestly. Perhaps you are ready to peel back the layers of pain and isolation that way too many humans have encountered.

If you are curious about why Law of Attraction is a trashy version of the truth and how the inner technological system is actually responsible for your external manifestations, I’m your gal.

And more.

Here’s to light and laughing hard. Heart and soul! Let our lives be in line with making this world a little bit more real and kinder.


  • I qualified with a 2:1 Bachelors of Science degree from The University of Sheffield.
  • I am known for self-empowerment and self-healing, specialised in immune health and gut health and lifestyle medicine to heal mental health conditions.
  • I am a Holistic Life Coach with an approach grounded in holistic health psychotherapy.
  • I am an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner with view to qualifying as a Doctor of Ayurveda.
  • I have been trained in-person in three disciplines of yoga: Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga and have a 1000 hours of teaching hours.
  • I am trained in Western Nutrition although I do not choose to incorporate this body of knowledge into my body of work.
  • As a qualified meditation teacher, I’ve meditated every day for over a decade. This has profoundly shaped my life experience.
  • I am proud of my indian heritage and invest time into going deeper into Vedic teachings and the roots of modern spirituality. 
  • As a Reiki Master I belong to two different lineages and have been training individuals and groups since 2011.
  • I love singing!  I explore vibration and frequency through Indian Classic Raga and classic western vocal training.


I’ve had a long term love affair with subtle energy and multidimensional consciousness.  I want to live in a more truthful, whole-hearted world. 

I love songs about freedom and poetry which reminds me of what’s real, true and magical. I love deep conversations, I’m not one for small talk.  I relish quiet early mornings. I adore music ranging from Kate Bush to Chopin. I am a huge drum and bass fan as long as it’s from around 1996 and filled with soul! 

I lived in Berlin for four years with my two black cats after glamorous travel and yachting. I dream of living by the sea, enjoying simple pleasures with real people, siestas and chickens.

I love books. I was that kid who read all the time – in bed, under the covers, with a flashlight. One of my earliest memories was being accused by a school teacher for having lied about reading a Roald Dahl’s The Twits in one evening – I kept quiet about my accomplishments!


Breaking out of mediocrity begins with clearing up your physiology and psychology to generate the internal conditions that breed a tangible sensation of love towards yourself. Life is a celebration and it all starts with relaxing, owning and loving yourself!

I’m so glad you found me! Reach out anytime…



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