As a multi-qualified therapist & coach, I apply my education to my own life.

I create with ease and feel luxurious in my skin and my relationships.

I was the type-A achiever, top-of-my-class, successful professional, who could seemingly have, do or be anything she wanted.

However… even though I looked ‘fine’ on the outside, I was drained and disconnected inside. To ‘fix’ it, I tried to hold myself to stricter ways of being.

But of course, beating myself up didn’t work. Neither did berating myself for not sticking to more demanding personal routines and rules.

No matter what I did, I’d experience a relapse into my old ways.

I couldn’t crack the code.

Until I did.

Life is different now. I have mastered an abundance consciousness that means I’m not scared to want more, allow it to come to me and enjoy it when it gets here. A femininity consciousness that means I allow myself to run my business in an easeful way in close relationship with God.  And a body consciousness that means I can connect easily with my body, feel vitally healthy, and enjoy being in my own skin.

And I’m ageing gracefully. My old doctor wrote to me asking why I’d not been seen in surgery in 7 years – my immunity is rock solid.  At 40, my fertility was tested as being that of a 31 year old. 

Each year I get better, live more, contribute more, thrive more.

And it’s all down to lifestyle habits. My lifestyle habits are my medicine.  

You too can live your biggest life — consistently growing in ways that feel good to you — without burning out and feeling anxious.

That’s why I do what I do. I help ambitious, masterful women like you live a lucrative AND sensual life by combining my health pactitioner knowledge, intuitive healing abilities and masculine/feminine dynamics.

And I look forward to working with you.

Hema’s philosophy

VITALITY:  Live to your full potential and celebrate your life
CLARITY:  Remove, declutter, release, detox, digest
SOCIAL JUSTICE:  Her work is underpinned by…

Empowerment: She encourages continuous improvement without reliance on external authorities
Energetics: She aims to teach people to take control of their minds and bodies.
Excellence: Hema strives to fulfil her purpose in an balanced way and helps you do the same.



Reiki Master Teacher – Seichem

Reiki Master Teacher – Usui Ryoho 

Nutritional Advisor

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Meditation Teacher

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Tantra Yoga Teacher

Ayurvedic Health Counsellor

Psychotherapeutic Life Coach

Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapist (including Trauma, EFT & Hypnosis) (HIP)

Priestess Healer of Gaia



Ayurveda Doctor

Mindbody medicine

Peak Performance

Vibrant Ageing

Kashmir Shaivism Tantra

Women’s Health & Hormones

Rhythmic Potential: Lifestyle Medicine


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