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    I am delighted and honoured that you are interested in a consultation with me. I want to be transparent about who I am able to give these consultations to. My offer in the consultation is to tell you what is wrong BUT I will not be giving you advice on how to fix it because I couldn't possibly do so in 1 hour. If I think I can help you fix it I will tell you about my program. My promise is not to try to 'sell you something' you don't need. I don't believe in selling people things they don't need because there are many people who benefit from what I have to offer, so I don't have to. I have enough clients and it doesn't make sense to take on clients and harm my good reputation. If you have no intention in hiring me please do not book in to speak as I need to reach those that need my help. If you are not sure if you want to hire me you can certainly still apply for the consultation I am happy to talk to you. As for the programs that I offer they start at $1497 and include multiple sessions. My programs are a minimum of 4-weeks long and up to 12 months long. My programs are SOLUTION focused. I only accept clients that I BELIEVE I can provide a solution for. If I told you about a program and you believed that it would solve your issue for good and it cost $1497 would you invest in it?

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