This is a carefully crafted club and course to help you thrive.  This unique 12-week experience will help you overcome overcome mood disorders, energy deficit, build health, reverse ageing, get in head-turning shape and feel amazing.  Living vibrantly and free is our birthright!

“This is the program that every driven woman needs. The one I would want to have joined. The one I have spent almost two decades curating and testing.  I came across the timeless principles that I teach in 2007.  I’ve worked with countless women since, helping them to uplevel their self-care.

Now, I’m sharing all my knowledge and experience with you. This is my 1-1 work packaged up into an effective group coaching journey.  The knowledge and action you take in this container will transform you from the inside out.”
– Hema Neer, healer, founder, wellness pro and women’s ease advocate

You’re in the right place if…

➢You have neglected yourself because you’ve been so busy in your work.
➢You feel driven by outdated anxieties, moods, cravings, addictions or behaviours.
➢You have an energy deficit, fatigue or burnout.
➢You need more time. Space. Energy. Freedom from the frenzy.
➢You feel heavy, lacklustre and uncomfortable in your skin.
 You’ve tried meditating, manifesting, hypnosis, eating healthily, supplements, exercise, therapy, CBT, mindfulness and you don’t want to take pharmaceuticals.
You are worried about ageing.
➢ You know you need to play the bigger game with your health but you’re confused with the latest do’s and don’ts.
You have an autoimmune disorder.

The integration I share of mind body medicine (including Orthomolecular Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Epigenetics) and Ayurveda (lifestyle medicine) – works.

No faddy diets or restriction, no needing hours in the gym. And it’s not about buying fancy supplements, apps or wellness gadgets.  We’re talking actual sustainable, doable lifestyle habits no matter how busy you are to give you more energy, more mental well-being and helping you feel good in your own skin… with the mindset and accountability to make it happen.

How It Works

The program consists of core lessons that build sequentially each week.
Hema teaches you proven Lifestyle, Diet & Mindset Principles to balance mood and physique and age well. Every month we have 3 Live Q & A Meetings, weekly check-ins plus you have 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Hema.
After you complete the first season (3 months) members then move into the momentum part of the journey (9 months) where we continue to learn and deepen the life-changing lessons to transform your body, your mind, your habits, and your life. Because getting there is one thing, learning to practice all our learnings in the real world takes practice and support. We do it together.
We work off our private group and access the lessons from our private web site. It’s simple.

This is for you if…

You are not looking, feeling and showing up as your best
➢You have tried numerous healing modalities, therapies and dissatisfying diets
You are smart, you know intellectually what to do, but your daily actions don’t line up
You want to be a better for the people in your life
➢You complain to your friends about your body and mind as you age
You have reached the point of ‘enough’ – it has become urgent and you are ready to be fast-tracked

Changing habits that age you and sabotage your health and life can be hard. Doing it on your own is even harder. And that’s why I set up this club and course… plus I make it fun and for a reasonable figure. Grow towards your potential with radiant health and wholeness.  Get better as you age, feeing younger and stronger – yes that is a thing!

Partner 1-1 with Hema (waiting list)

Hema Neer works with individuals who are leaders in their fields to accelerate their health, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
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“After just a SINGLE call with Hema, I was able to release damaging ideas and a limited mindset.” – C.A, entrepreneur

“So much revelation, at lightening speed. Very grateful for the opportunity.” – L.A., lawyer

“Hema wants you to do “you” as best you can.  She has a vision into a world of women’s empowerment that most health and mindset specialists don’t have and it crosses over into ‘our world’. She’s got a depth of understanding about what’s true and real in modern lifestyle, and she’s committed to that.” – CH, business owner

“Hema is cool, kind, incredibly insightful… and refreshingly truthful!” – Dr Rani