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Since 2011, Hema has guided professional women to raise the bar on their self-care, healing, health and wellbeing.

It takes 3 things for you to get results.

At Hema Neer Coaching, we believe in:

1. Working on the health of LEADERS means I am working on the health of communities.

2. STUPIDITY RULES US. The challenge is to stand against fake food, poisonous water and the dumbing down of our creativity and imagination – our greatest human assets.

2. To continually give people REAL hope, to cleanse and detoxify their body and stay resilient.

3. We stand against NEW AGE teachings. You can go vegan. You can order the organic vegetable box, do yoga everyday, carry the crystals, burn the palo santo and drink the purified water. But if you don’t deal with the unresolved issues of the heart and mind – you remain unhealthy.

4. We stand against QUICK FIXES. Journalling, Barefoot soil grounding. 3 minute Kundalini Yoga meditation.

5. Deeper, multifactorial solutions. You are not simply MIND or BODY. If you have tried everything to feel  This is why meditation, CBT or counselling isn’t enough for you. You are MIND, BODY, SOUL and ENVIRONMENT. 

6.TRUST IN YOUR NATURE. You are a part of nature and you will only experience true peace if you act like it!

7. Standing against FAD DIETS. 

Gluten is not the enemy. Unless you have Celiac Disease, which is caused by gluten intolerance. Not everything that is “healthy” is healthy for you because it is difficult to digest”

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