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You can tell right away when you’re with someone who is balanced, grounded and clear in their energy.
They are comfortable in their own skin, relaxed, at home, at ease within themselves. There is a magnetic pull to be around them.  They are present and act and speak authentically. 

We start where you are now. You are exactly where you need to be and it is the right time.

Deep energy clearing, alignment to Source and rapid shift work

Aligning you to the pristine energy and flowing it through your experience.
Subtle and physical channels are opened for energy to flow. 
As blockages release, you shape-shift into your natural, integrated essential self.

I fundamentally work with cosmic energies of fierce compassion to merge with the Light of Source to catalyse change for my clients… but let’s keep things simple for you 🙂 —> These sessions are for you if you wish to:

– move from overwhelm to deeply peaceful and rooted energy
– ground your energy, enjoy rapid relief and clarity
– feel like you again, more open, out of the head and into the heart
– release the past by processing stuck emotions, reclaim your power back to move forwards with ease
– release addictions, anxiety, chronic stress, ease depression, process, alleviate fear
– step up your frequency and vibration to transform an area of your life
– enhance spiritual growth, dive in deep and ask the bigger questions
– become more open and available to life by processing blocks and balancing chakras and energy body

[su_quote cite=] Hema is a powerful healer. She has literally saved my life helping me to process early emotions (trauma and fear) which caused me chronic stress and anxiety for many years. I have tried many different things to feel better. On meeting Hema I felt I was in touch with an angel warrior, loving, kind yet fierce. Her support has mean’t I’ve healed, claimed my energy back and moved on. Hema will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you. For the difference she has made to my life, Hema is truly priceless.[/su_quote]

What makes me different as a healer?
What I quickly realised in the past was that energy healing was good at relieving symptoms.

But if a client didn’t become aware, know and understand the mechanics, neuroscience and psychology behind their healing, their symptoms would kick in and they’d be back.

Now I’m not in the business for repeat clients. Even though often my clients remain loyal to me as their ‘healer’ for years to come, if you are not shifting what you initially come to see me for, then I’m not lit up and energised by my work.

The service I offer now more thorough and  formulated for long-term healing transformation.  My approach combines:
Energy healing and alignment -> Spiritual counselling, coaching and mentoring -> Follow up e check-in -> in between session e-support
…..    within the New Age nonsense!
My (really! spiritual yogic lifestyle means you can be sure you’re taken care of. when I say spiritual, I mean it, for me, crystals, incense, angel cards, 3 minute Kundalini meditations, guided visualisation, coming into your divine feminine or masculine, affirmations and gratitude journalling is not the core of reals spirituality! This is New Age stuff and I like to work with clients interested in going beyond that – they are at a level of seeking and truth – for me.
I have gone deep into the truth of things. For example, if you want to learn about energy chakras, don’t read a book. Get yourself unplugged and journey into your energy body. I did this in ashrams in India, although this may not be your path!


In the beginning – 20 years ago

Depression was my life experience and shame my centre of gravity.

I continued on my hamster wheel regardless, living an extroverted life as a ‘sensitive introvert’, in my fast-paced masculine-driven corporate lifestyle, charged with people pleasing (parents, managers, colleagues) and society’s version of ‘success’.

I was exhausted, overweight, lonely, disconnected, anxious and uncomfortable.

I was frightened of my noisy mind and wanted peace.

I was unable to express myself authentically and confidently and craved deep connection and intimacy.

I knew there had to be more to life than Citalopram (anti-depressant meditation), overthinking, overworking and living for a weekend in with I’d numb out my pain.

I send no to suffering and yes to my life and went to see a healer.

She opened up my eyes to a world of energy.

I started to learn from her why I felt the way I was feeling, she started teaching me ancient wisdom and practical changes to daily living.

I never looked back.

I quit my job and went in search of the world’s best healers and teachers of Spirituality.

I studied Yoga, Taoism, Quantum Physics.
I actually kept all this for myself for quite some time, practicing and knowing God quietly until years later when working on   superyachts earning well and travelling and enjoying one of my superpowers which is hosting and taking care of people.   On one boat Betsy (an American lady pilled up to the eyeballs on pharmaceuticals at the time) was asked to share my secrets to boundless energy, lithe physique and wellbeing off the radar.  I taught some yoga casually to the owner of the yacht and her guests. Slowly this became something regular and fun.

Over the next months i received more opportunities from across the Mediterranean to teach classical yoga as opposed to the modern day fitness yoga.
So my evolution into actually teaching yoga was very, very organic. I intuitively found my vocation. 

For the first time in my life I was doing heart based work and never looked back on my old life.

Later on, through utter enjoyment of deep meditation and inward journeying I found myself a natural at energy work when i placed my hand on my mother’s painful arm and noticed that I actually took on her pain. This worried and excited me at the same time so I worked with teachers on knowing and understanding energy.

I’m committed to you not breaking down like I did.

You are on this page for a reason. Something is speaking to you. You may be on the cusp of transformation right now just by reading this!

What I have learned from helping countless clients all over the world

In nearly a decade men and women have contacted me suffering from chronic stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, no motivation, despair or a feeling that something is missing. Physical symptoms included exhaustion, heart palpitations, migraines, body aches, digestive problems, insomnia, fibromyalgia, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders. Nearly all the time the root cause was emotional in nature, often a result of not owning their essential nature, not allowing themselves to be seen or heard, living life to please others, holding back from being themselves.

I understand the connection between the emotional and physical body deeply because of my own experience and through working with hundreds of clients. Some of my personal experiences include lower back pain healed after I processed three deeply emotional days, shoulder and neck tension healed which in my case was relating to the burden of responsibility I was holding, knee troubles for many years when I was stuck and afraid to move forwards, my depression, my bloatedness, constipation, my blotchy skin, my excess body fat which I could never shift!

It is my experience that when we ignore, reject, or suppress, that small voice, the niggling feeling, or our intuition, the body will send you signs that will become ‘louder and louder’, until they get your attention. When your body speaks to you and it’s messages become so persistent and so loud that they result in a (near) breakdown.

Sometimes it’s more subtle: Perhaps you always get a cold or sore throat when you are about to uplevel an aspect of your life. Maybe you cause an argument when your relationship is going well. My clients have come to see me when they needed someone who has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and healed. As time went on, these clients, now symptom free, would then come back for routine tune-ups to ensure that everything was running smoothly and to nip issues in the bud to make sure that symptoms didn’t return.

I still sees the concerns of stress and overwhelm etc, but the people I work with now have a much greater awareness of energy work and the important of processing old fear and trauma from the energy system to self-actualise and express all you are meant to be.

They understand the correlation of symptoms expressed by the body as being a sign of an internal energetic imbalance.

Today, I often hear that people are doing the internal work, but still feel as if they’re wasting time, that they’ve lost their drive, lack passion and purpose, all of which causes them to feel down and often powerless.

Basically they are feeling disconnected. Disconnected from themselves, their soul path, and the world around them.

Fast forward 22 years of personal healing and ascension and 12 years of professional service

…and include hundreds of additional clients, huge investments into development of myself, skills and expertise,  I now work via Skype or Phone so I can work with people all over the world, from the comfort of their own homes – catalysing change and transformation.

When you know you need to stop Googling your symptoms and piecemealing solutions from books and videos and hoping it all works out — when you know it’s time to stop wasting time and go and see a real life mind body expert, that’s when you come to see me.

What I can do, and after all these years I’m very, very good (just see the testimonials!), is use my skills as an energy healer to quickly and easily identify the energetic blocks that are playing out and holding back your peace and presence. Although this is quick and easy (as in no pain), this is DEEP – right to the heart of the matter work. When these patterns are re-balanced my clients re-discover who they are at the core of their being – their fully expressed DIVINE self.

I combine my inherent gift in alchemising energy in people, animals or places using pristine high frequency energies that have transformed my own energy system and process of spiritual growth in my life.

Not only do the symptoms disappear, but the ripple effects of this work permeates throughout all areas of your life, creating space for powerful shifts in a way that feels fully supported and safe. What happens in our inner lives shapes our outer realities. For nearly a decade I have been working with clients, using Japanese esoteric practices, Vedic teachings, Energy healing like Reiki and Metatronia Therapy to help them find clarity, remove blocks, become unstuck.

I love supporting my clients by helping them to release what no longer serves them. When you can let go of the patterns that have been holding you back, you are then ready to move forward with your life.

“I showed up in Hema’s inbox paralysed with anxiety, internally defeated, and quite disempowered. The work we did together was unlike anything I had done before, but I felt safely held by her presence as we explored the unknown. The insights she offered into my heart and long-held beliefs allowed me to make connections about things not yet considered, bringing clarity and a deep sense of peace. What I most noticed from our work was how I showed up in the world after our session. I felt more present. More alive. More fully in my life. For a solid month after our session, I experienced delight and daily joy like never before in my life. I have nothing, but deep, deep gratitude for my work with Hema” Chris Langer”

The magic doesn’t usually happen in a single session.

Perhaps three is a magic number, but over and over again, people who have three or more sessions have the most profound results, so I offer you three or six sessions. It seems to follow: The first session lays the foundation. The Second session starts to go deep into the blocks and old patterns. The third session brings about profound shifts and change.

Radical Transformation
Book 3 x 60 minute sessions to support a fresh start as you uplevel an area of your life and let go of the old.
Perhaps you need to kick start a new daily routine, changing jobs, dealing with heartbreak, or letting go of an old habit.
This support package is perfect to help you navigate change with ease.  Book here

Spiralling Deeper
Book 6 x 60 minute sessions when you are ready to awaken to your true self.
You’re fed up of falling into old patterns, and are ready to step-up and break free.
This package is perfect when you are ready to step into your power and make lasting change. Book here

Transformed With Ease

Even though I have been using energy modalities with clients for years (Reiki -> Violet Flame Healing with the Ascended Masters -> Satnam Rasayan -> Angelic Healing -> Metatronia Therapy (Archangel Michael, Jesua and Thoth) -> personal alliance with Sekhmet, Kali consciousness -> Alchemical Healing) I’m still amazed and delighted (and humbled) at how it works. I have seen miracles happen in my clients lives, I know that sounds all dramatic, but I continually see peoples lives transformed as they release, with ease, old patterns, out-dated and limited beliefs that have been holding them back. Releasing them without having to know where or when they were set up; released without having to think, go over or talk around events of the past. With simple, non-invasive techniques, eastern wisdom and my highly intuitive skills, blocks just seemingly melt away.

Is a Session For You?

If you are ready for a change, coming to a new stage in your life, perhaps a new relationship, newly single, a new job, a new business etc, it’s essential that you release the old, so there’s space to bring in the new. If you don’t release the patterns of the past, they end up repeating again in the future..  Your stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety will remain with you as you transition.

Baggage Free, Fresh Starts

These sessions are practical to get things done. They help you get a new perspective. If you have ever found yourself going around in circles, it’s time to use cut those energetic patterns once and for all, so that you can keep moving forward.

[su_quote cite=]Hema is a genuine ally to have on your life’s journey.I was introduced to Hema through a friend who saw my inner turmoil holding me back. I have known Hema for three years now and she never let’s me down.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=]My first session with Hema was amazing! I didn’t know what to expect but was open to it and when we began I was touched by the level of strength and support. When we stopped speaking and I lay down to relax, the energy hit me hard and I felt a wave of emotion that I didn’t expect and was crying while my body had tingles and I felt my heart vibrating. It was a strange and unusual sensation to have but I felt clearer once our session ended.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=]Hema provided great insights that helped me to clear up energetic and emotional blockages I have had for years. It was as if my mind, body and soul were finally in alignment. Since then I have had five other sessions with her and my life has found a flow that I have never known possible as I have moved on to start two businesses, develop a positive relationship with money, build up my relationships and use my true voice in the world with confidence.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=]Hema Is An Incredible Healer With An Almost Magical Ability To Release Energy Blocks Wreaking Havoc With You And Raise Your Frequency To Make You Feel Like You Again[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=]Hema is able to facilitate release in a quick and effective manner that will leave you feeling clearer and lighter. Her insight during this process is invaluable and spot on.  She is powerful and straight to the point while holding compassionate and joyful sacred space for you. I always call her when I’m dealing with stubborn blocks I can’t shift on my own and I love that with her we can just get in and get it done and I can get back to my magical self.[/su_quote]



Do you do this full-time?

Why do you only work with a few people?
If you do energy healing well and all day long, it will wipe you out and burn you up. Because of the strength of my sessions, i can’t work like a standard therapist and pack my day with cheaply priced sessions. My work often surpasses that of a GP and so I charge accordingly in order that I don’t have to worry about paying my bills, scrimping on poor food and drink, not resting with downtime and hustling for the next client.  I live a spiritual life of heart based living so the Divine orchestrates the rest which means I don’t have to find clients and can choose who I support.  Do you want to go to a burned out and broke healer to look after your energy?

What is Energy Healing?

Even taking a pill is energy healing as pharmaceuticals affect the energy of cells but often with dire consequences – I remember the horrible numbing and bad memory I had on Citalopram anti-depressants.  Energy healing is a natural form of healing based on the reality that we are fundamentally energetic systems.

How do sessions work?

There is no time and distance in the universe. We meet on Skype and I connect in to your energy field and find the blocks in your energy field and dissolve them using a technique I have mastered over many years and is my gift to the world (you have a gift too somewhere!)

How does Energy Healing work via Skype?
There is no time and distance in the universe! We are already connected. You just didn’t learn this in school.

What happens during and after a session?

Happiness is health and a short memory. I wish I’d invented it, because It’s very true!
When you come to me I help you process the past so that the emotional sting is taken out of your pain, trauma, fear, and struggles. Negative energy is cleared for peace and flow. The body is balanced to banish suffering and dis-ease.

It’s likely that you’ll dose off or be so relaxed that you continue integrating after the session as you lay down in the comfort of your own home. Because you don’t need to get up off a therapy table and jump in your car and drive off, it’s recommended that you relax and allow the energy to keep working it’s magic.

You can drop me a message to let me know how you got on – I love to hear from you and support you in between sessions, this is part of my 5 star service.

Are you ready to book a Transformational Healing session via Skype?

You can very easily book your session on-line here. The link takes you to my online calendar, once you have chosen your time, I’ll invoice you for payment. Once payment is made, you will be sent confirmation of your appointment and emailed your pre-questionnaire.

If you have any questions please contact me here

“You Definitely Need To Have An Appointment With Hema!

[su_quote cite=]“You Definitely Need To Have An Appointment With Hema!  When she was explaining what was happening with me it was right on and I was surprised that she could put into words so clearly what I have been fearing lately for years actually! You definitely need to have an appointment with Hema even if you don’t think  you have major issues to work through. You might be surprised with what blocks will be removed.[/su_quote]