Metatronia Therapy

My work is and with Source and Angels.

I work with … realm energy and have over 10 years of experience of multiple healing modalities and offer healing sessions with Source  energy

It’s been a great adventure to get to where I am
I had reached a point where I was totally stuck
Somewhere in the mix I realised I had lost myself. I was an empty shell hidden behind extreovertism. I didn’t know who I was anymore
That’s not why I came to Earth. I came to have fun, to be ME.
What called me to Spirit for help?
It as a way for me to find my way back to a part of myself that I had let get hidden. I had made choices each time that had put that to one side for too long. I was feeling quite disempowered.
… massive change, so empowering, working with….
If we are surpressing ourselves, it’s not comfortable and it’s not fun.
I have more fun now than in the 20 years I was playing the extrovert.
I am supported by some beautiful force other than me trying to hold the fabric of the universe tother.
Letting go takes courage.
IT’s very clean , loving, clear and focused on bringing through a very pristine frequency.
Very powerful, doesn’t mess about, tolerate waffling, which is why I get moved along quite swiftly.
Helps us to see where the openings are to take a leap, the opportunities, it’s like putting on a different pair of glasses or taking off sunglasses and noticing those openings. The more you work with Met the bigger the shove you get thought the openings but saying YES will be supported. This is a beautiful gift. It’s not about sitting round manifesting off your meditation cushion, know, you are forced to take action. 

Whenever I am too much in my mind I know that is the time to get back into my feelings and body, I need to connect with the energy to get back into feeling world and flow and anchor back into our hearts (Reiki), Metatron forces to move us forwards. 

No point being magical in your etheric body and physical blocking it all out 

If you want a joyful, abundant life you must bring it through your physical body because we manifest through the physical.
Metatron is here to support bringing the magic into the physical.
Opening to that possibility?

My wish is that you are supported to bring things through to the physical.
Healers know how to heal the earth, we know how to change and shift but it has to come through
You magic will come through
I believe that everyone will find the support that they look for

Anyone who comes to work with me, Met is a large part of what we end up doing. 

Amazing possibility there for you
Complimentary therapists, healers, those that work in the normal world ha ha, if you need to acknowledge your truth and set yourself free, if there is a part of you that is ready,
You can live an amazing life being your magic. It is absolutely possible. That is why we are here. Come to me and I’ll support you to own it. Everything will flow after that. 

I never feel alone.