Is this you?

Energy    Maybe you are exhausted, and on top of that unfulfilled in your busyness.
Drained Tired of putting everyone else first
Time  Time starved, desperate for more space, overwhelmed, overloaded, overthinking, overcheduled, perpetually keeping up
Space Desperate for more space
Information You are googling self help AGAIN.  Maybe you are trying to change your sleep or eating habits so you feel more energised and awake but you have no idea how to wade through the sea of information available out there and who to listen to
Maybe you have already made huge leaps in your physical or mental health, and you want to go even deeper into the routines and rituals that make life a vibrant and joyful journey.   Fed up with diets and meditations that dont work
You are exhausted trying to keep up with the do’s and the don’ts of a healthy lifestyle based on current research, studies, fads or diets.
Self worth Trapped in lack and not enough
Lonely Illusion of separation, lonely too
Stuck Repeating your past on loop
Out of shape

Chronic On top of that you are suffering from chronic conditions, allergies, sleep issues, digestion, maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness, or maybe you are frightened about developing a chronic condition.
Nothing is working You think you are doing ‘the work’, you think ‘but I’m eating healthily, going to yoga, working out, journalling, affirtmations.  Supplements, gyms, affirmations, fad diets, talk therapy don’t work.
So much potential  You are smart with a brilliant light, if only you could get energised and more awake. You need to play the bigger game with your health. OPen to the highest expreession of yourself, to reocgnise your own truth, beauty, power and gorgeousness.
Maybe it’s been a while since you felt alike, switched on and ready to go
Want to meditate in the mornings but just can’t find the energy or time or discpline
Needs the RESET button

What needs to change in the areas of sleep, physical wellness, food, hydration, downtime,
meditation, journaling, your financial life, self-care, etc.? 

The Solution

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Wellness.  Powerful guidance and activation. Loving accountability and support. Lasting change.

Together we could take intelligent and small steps to lasting change, better energy, sleep, digestion, and mental clarity.
Reduce stress, move your body with greater ease, and feel a deeper connection to yourself and your loved ones.
Live in sync with nature’s rhythms, update old patterns and beliefs, and cultivate self-love that will help you thrive in all stages of life.

But are you ready?

You need to play the bigger game with your health
You are sick of working things out on your own and are ready to be guided
You are sick of fads and diets and going around in circles
You are smart, you know intellectually what to do, but your daily actions don’t line up
You want to be a better for your your loved ones
You complain to your friends about your body and mind as you age
Your desire for change is strong
You value love and accountability and a nudge when life gets hard

Find Freedom from Frenzy
Imagine rising without the need for an alarm clock, filled with zest and energy.  Imagine having the extra time to enjoy a delicious spiritual practice that expands your horizons and creates ease. You have dumped the morning coffee addiction, ditched the last-minute crash diets, you are grounded to deal with stress when it arises, release your woes and baggage and feel CLEAR in your mind and emotions. Picture what opportunities this optimal health could up for you?

A mentor is a coach and authority that not only powerfully guides you but who’s love and support and expertise means that you easefully find yourself achieving things you could do alone or for a long time.

The truth is that you have more peace and power in your than what you have been led to believe.  But unless you feel supported, heard and loved, you will not unfold your greatness.

Too many women waste countless years trying to piece together books and videos and scraps of courses to find themselves overwhelmed with information and underwhelmed with their results because information is not transformation.

I know this because I have been there. And until I found human support, accountability, and direct personalised insights I didn’t truly begin to shine from the inside out.   Luckily you don’t need to spend 6 figure sums of money and months abroad in ashrams and immersed in meditation to enjoy blessings of:

– A medication free lifestyle having understood and painlessly shed fear, anxiety, depression, chronic issues (fatigue, inflammation and digestive) once and for all
– A reservoir of vital energy to get your life set for regeneration, radiant longevity and healthy ageing
– Owning your healing. Scroll down for a letter from my GP asking me where I have been for 7 years
– Ease in your skin and love for your divine vessel as you look at your naked perfectly weighted and nourished self in the mirror.
– Intimacy and connectivity in place of shameful loneliness.

At the moment you cannot begin to conceptualise how your body is meant to feel. How your energy is meant to flow. How crystal clear your mind can be as a servant to your soul.  How free and expressed your emotions can be. How happy you can feel for no reason!

This is real, honest, soulful work. Provided you and I are ready to own your body and your mind, you cannot fail at this proven methodology based on ancient wisdom. If you are ready to talk with the most passionate authority in claiming your right to natural, vibrant living that you are likely to come across in real life.

I offer knowledge, support, accountability, structure, space make deep changes in your life that you would never have made on your own
The right support can be catalyst to actually see the results you have dreamed of.

Own your Life
Co-create your health
Commit to your own evolution
Connect deeply to the Divine

We are what we repeatedly do. Are you ready to do things differently?
Quick fix diets and fads don’t work. Lasting epic change happens over time and starts with your daily habits.

What you need to work with me

  • Realisation that you need support and that you are finished with going around in circles on your own
  • A willingness to start from where you are.
  • A deep knowing you are worth the time and energy.
  • Trust that my work is integrated into a real life with jobs, relationships, responsibilities.

In these 12 weeks, we will sow the seeds of our wellbeing in the form of these 10 habits, and reap the fruit of a healthy body & mind for the rest of our life. Results include:

  • Feel lighter and more physically vibrant,
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a more grounded way,
  • Inspire others around you,
  • Feel more rested and sleep better,
  • Learn and refine skills and tools for a lifetime,
  • Experience more joy on a daily basis, and
  • Expand your community of health-conscious support accountability

Take the next simple step toward vibrant health.
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