Reiki Courses Birmingham

How do I learn Reiki?

Learning Reiki balances your life force energy to improve and correct it’s flow, which has a myriad of benefits on all levels that you are – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learning Reiki means you can give yourself Reiki treatments, and to friends, family and animals.

Learning Reiki is very simple. The ability to give Reiki is passed by an attunement/initiation process so that you too can learn how to balance and heal yourself and others. Reiki training comes in three parts; Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 1 (sometimes called First degree) is where everyone starts, whether you are looking for self-care or training to be a Reiki professional. The focus of Level 1 training is giving oneself Reiki treatments.

Level 2 and Level 3 take you deeper.

If you’ve learned Reiki 1 in a different system, you can take Reiki 1 and 2 together. There is a time gap before taking Level 3. After Level 3 you can teach Reiki to others if that is your calling.

Each level of the training raises your energetic frequency and vibration, resulting in an emotional/physical detoxification as the mind/body comes into alignment with the new energy.


What’s Reiki, and what’s Seichem?

The Reiki system of healing is best known for it’s heavenly treatments and eye-opening courses. Reiki is a way of working with energy that allows the body to balance itself, leaving one feeling healthier, brighter and happier. The word Reiki can be translated from the Japanese to mean ‘Spiritual Energy’.

Seichem is system of healing that was taught in the temples of ancient Egypt. Seichem (pronounced Saykeem) is an Egyptian word meaning ‘power of powers’ in a spiritual sense. In the Seichem system, Reiki (Earth elemental healing ray) flows alongside Sakara (Fire), Sophiel (Water) and AngelicLight (connection to Angelic Realm) using the four elements as a balanced (and some say more complete) energy healing system.

Seichem is a beautiful addition to Reiki

Adding Reiki and Seichem together gives us a powerful heart centered energy that dissolves barriers to the higher self, activates and strengthens the energy body, and enhances one’s connection to the angelic realm. The energy works on all levels that we are – including spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Seichem Reiki is very practical. It acts as a first aid to work on acute and chronic illness, and all stress related psychological conditions such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia. It helps to heal the heart, grief, trauma, blocks, quit addictions.

During a treatment, the nervous system is balanced, the endocrine system is healed, and unconscious limits are broken to give you different choices and capacities, helping you to connect with your true purpose, heart and soul.

Reiki Courses Birmingham

Reiki Level 1

Can be taken by everyone to give Reiki to oneself, friends and family. Suitable for complete beginners who have a desire for personal and spiritual development. £100

Reiki Level 2

Amplifies Reiki for stronger treatments and accelerated personal and spiritual growth. Symbols are given. Distance healing is covered. On completion of this course one is certified to charge for professional treatments to the public, provided one has attained a suitable state of health and inner balance. £150

Reiki Level 3

Completes your training to go on and cultivate Master energy.  This level supports a large shift personal and spiritual development. As well as the Masters initiations, YOD, Order of Melchizedek are also included. Students report enhanced healing ability to channel greater amounts of energy, increased consciousness, wellbeing, joy, spiritual insights, compassion and wisdom.  £360

Reiki/Seichem (Japanese/Egyptian) – Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Angelic Light

This Reiki system is one of the many Western systems of Reiki which stem from Mrs Takata’s teachings. Mrs Takata was a student of the founder Mikao Usui, who brought Reiki to the West.
This system is more focussed on hands on healing and includes the Indian Chakra system (a modern addition to the system of Reiki and not originally taught in Japan.)

Level 1/2/3 Reiki/Seichem Courses TAUGHT REGULARLY