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Usui Ryoho Reiki

Reiki in birmingham

Classic Reiki taught from the original Japanese perspective

Reiki is spiritual practise which supports natural healing originating from Japan.  

Learning Reiki and Meditation awakens the body’s natural healing processes, bringing about balance and wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

If your interest is in getting back to Reiki as taught in Japan before it hit the West in 1938 (eventually becoming associated with the New Age movement), then you’ve landed on the right page!

Usui Reiki Ryoho is unchanged, classic and simple, as practised by Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki) and originally taught in Japan in 1900s. It includes Japanese Meditations and hands on healing for a daily spiritual practise to keep your mind and emotions healthy, which affect your physical wellbeing.

Reiki 1 – Shoden

Shoden is a Japanese word meaning ‘first teachings’.

Shoden teaches you a Reiki and meditation practice to bring more healing to your life and alignment with your truth.

The are different Shoden courses but the one taught in this style of Reiki is pure, unchanged and complete – perfect for beginners.

This course also helps existing Reiki students to more deeply understand why and how Reiki was originally taught.

The two day syllabus includes:

~ Four attunements / empowerments over two days
~ Learning how to cultivate your Hara (earth centre) for strength, intuition and grounding
~ Reiki and meditation practice that heals and improves mind, body and spirit and supports spiritual awakening, enlightenment
~ Meditation and energy balancing practice for the self
~ How to cultivate your Ki – life force energy that forms the basis of your health, emotions and prosperity.
~ Traditional Japanese energetic system of the Three Diamonds – Earth, Heavenly and Heart centres.
~ Traditional Japanese Meditations to balance, awaken and cultivate Chi or Ki like Joshin Kokyo Ho
~ Hands on Healing (Tenohira) techniques for self, friends and family
~ This is a thorough course with plenty of practice and integration of energy
~ Creates strength and balance in the body’s earth centre (Hara)
~ Perfect for beginners who have not done any meditation, healing or energy work
~ Helps current Reiki 1 or 2 or 3 practitioners who are living in a busy mind, struggle with upper chakra issues and feeling ungrounded and dissatisfied

I’ll also be providing lifetime support after the course to make sure you are held and guided.
I learned from world class mentors and ensure that you receive the same excellence.

Next dates:

Jan 15th & 22nd  |  Full
Feb 12th & 19th  | 1 spot left
March 17th & 18th  | New Moon weekend – Full
April 14th &15th | New Moon weekend – Full
June 9th & 10th | Full
Saturday July 7th & Sunday July 8th | 1 space left

Reiki means spiritual energy, essence, divinity, nature, cosmic energy.

We are born loving and radiant. We learn fear and lose our sparkle. Reiki is also spiritual practice to help us reconnect back to our original nature.

This affects our relationships, the opportunities that flow to us, how we express ourselves and our gifts in the world, as well as awakening the healer within.

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a framework that gives us different tools and techniques we can practice in our daily lives to help us to re-connect to our truth and essence.




How do we really learn Reiki?

Real Reiki is made up of five elements – precepts (guidelines), meditation and energy balancing techniques, hands-on healing, symbols and mantras, and a blessing called reiju. Modern Reiki often misses out japanese meditations.
When you learn Reiki you work with these elements to clear the energy in your bodies to return back to the pure being that you really are, without all the garbage, stress, fear that gets thrown on top. These five elements are the tools that we work with.

I already meditate. Will learning this type of Reiki really help me?

Reiki meditations are quite specific as they help you generate a greater amount of spiritual energy. There are many benefits to increasing the spiritual energy in the body which include balancing energies in the body, enhancing emotional wellbeing and activating your innate capacity to heal on all levels that you are. You also develop into a much grounded and effective healer for others. The greater the spiritual energy, the deeper the healing.

The meditations are also there to calm your mind to support us as we start letting go of all the mental and belief conditioning that has held us back over the year. You can practice the meditations whenever you feel that you are coming out of alignment with your naturally peaceful and balanced self.

How will learning really Reiki help me?

Your choice of Reiki training may be among the most important decisions in your life.

Learn to practice Reiki and you can quickly relieve pain, anxiety, insomnia, indigestion and other symptoms that are worse when we are stressed and out of balance.
Level 1 Reiki is easy to learn. Most people practice in bed, while falling asleep or awakening, so Reiki integrates easily into even the busiest lifestyle.
Reiki self-practice might not be the only thing you need to feel better, but it will help you feel better and function better quickly.

Once you feel happier and healthier, it’s much easier to meet life’s challenges, whether you are digging out from under, or building an empire — or somewhere between the two!

“Thank you for your beautiful, incredibly effective Reiki training. I got so much out of your teachings. Since the training, I’ve been practicing self-Reiki daily and it’s making a very big difference in both my work and my life–it’s quite amazing, actually. I’m calmer and more able to handle everyday stresses. My clients (and kids) have been more vocal (in a positive way), and I feel more confident about my work than I’ve ever felt.” Asha Kaur

“Since my Level 1 Reiki training with Hema I have been practicing Reiki on myself every day. I did not expect to feel such a difference from Reiki because I have already meditated yet I sleep better, feel more patience with my family and had much easier access to a sense of wellbeing and happiness — all this at perhaps the most stressful time in my life. I practice Reiki on my husband during his recovery from illness but somehow I’m more surprised at the differences in my own wellbeing than at how he relaxes and sleeps. Reiki has been life-affirming and life-changing for me.” –Samantha Greenaway

What’s your uncensored view on Reiki?

Reiki has different forms but is a single energy. Exploring Mikao Usui’s teachings from a traditional Japanese perspective rather than a modern Japanese perspective shows that first and foremost he was teaching his students a deep spiritual practise to reach a state of mind of non-duality.
So how did the system change from this simple, elegant and beautiful practice to the complex western reiki system?
The politics and infighting and sectarianism and protectionism that we see in modern Reiki fills me with sadness. They’re not what it’s all about. There are too many people with a heavy financial, emotional and personal investment in their version of the truth.

I’ve had Reiki in my life for over a decade and have been teaching professionally since 2011.
I studied Reiki after a healer treated me to a Reiki session. The course was okay, I don’t remember a lot of it washing with me, it didn’t feel right, it seemed to have holes in it.
I studied Reiki 1 with one teacher.
I then studied Reiki /Seichem 1 and 2 with another teacher.
My ability to work with energy was exciting and my life had more synchronicty and I was facilitating healings for others and feeling quite privileged to do so but there were still holes.
Through Usui Reiki Ryoho, I came to realise that Reiki is not a therapy, it is a Japanese spiritual discipline.
I came to understand the deeper meanings of Reiki through learning with Frans Stiene and later one of his teachers.
I continue to explore energy and consciousness with some of the best teachers on the planet including Francis Lucille, Sally Kempton, and my beloved guru in India – Acarya Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha.

As my understanding about consciousness and healing deepens after a decade of self-enquiry, I love to help you take back the reigns for your health and healing. Reiki is a wonderful way of learning how to heal and activate. Once you understand your true nature in terms of spirit and consciousness, everything in the physical world becomes enriched, including finances and relationships.


Why does learning Usui Reiki Ryoho help with abundance?

In order for your energy system to receive money you need to have practicality. Reiki meditations such as Joshin Kokyo Ho cultivate an Earthen quality in your energy system.

“This is a very powerful course! Before I began the programme I was completely overwhelmed financially, stressed out and had no focus or direction.
Since I have been on Shoden I have plugged my money leaks, I have a new job, I’m more connected to my spirituality (which underpins everything) so the money is coming in, my creativity is flowing!”



When we do deep energetic work, we are doing deep emotional work / journey. The courses are also kept intimate and small so you can receive individualised attention. Therefore to ensure that you are aligned with this particular course and ready for the work, and equally, if you’d like to explore whether this course is right for you or for any other queries, I’d be happy to have an informal chat with you to find out more about your journey and what support you need.  Just use the easy link below to find a time in my online diary.