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You’re about to achieve ease, peace, space & grace in a matter of days with an expert by your side…

21 Day Lifestyle Medicine Reset

Easy eating and lifestyle practices for digestive issues, mental clarity, weight loss and radiance

Carefully designed for the busy person using whole foods, guided sleep practices and breathwork to stabilise your blood sugar, detoxify your liver, support gut repair, slash inflammation, alkalise your blood and build collagen. Not to mention immunity against Covid!

This is not about starvation and deprivation. We use whole foods to cleanse and strengthen the body, not weaken it. Guided sleep practices and morning breathwork repair the body.  You’ll be amazed about how much food you can eat and still lose weight.

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You will receive: 

  • Kickstart 1-1 session where we run through the reset and individualise it for you.
  • 2 additional 1-1 sessions and Voxer support (optional)
  • Guided sleep practice for healing and nourishing sleep
  • Fast email support, as well as cutting edge educational content
  • Daily email support sent to you to cheer you along the way
  • A super simple grocery shopping list
  • Easy recipes
  • How to eat after the nutritional reboot and maintain wellbeing

The Reset will strengthen your body, not weaken it.

Most people lose anywhere from 2-5 pounds per week. I’ve designed
it in such a way that it minimizes your cravings and you won’t
feel starved and deprived.


Here are some of the
mental & physical changes that have been
reported in just the first 5 days: 

Digestive issues, bloating, constipation resolved
Weight loss
No brain fog, clear and focussed mind
Insomnia gone, deep sleep
Better concentration
Motivation, vigor, zest
Strong eating habits
Emotional eating relaxed
Sugar and caffeine cravings gone
Deeper connection to purpose
Clearer and brighter energy
Softer and clearer skin
No more inflammation
Aches and pains gone

For information about the
21 Day Reset contact Hema at

Hema was able to diagnose what was going on in my mind and body immediately.   I am at a point and place where my digestive issues have not come back AT ALL  and I could see that change within the first 7 days of my program.”  
Rani De Silva (NHS Doctor)

What makes me different?

✓ 360 DEGREE APPROACH. Lasting change is only possible when all four pillars of the self – mind, body, spirit and environment – are addressed. Address these vital and interconnected pillars with therapy, mentoring and advanced coaching and enjoy sustainable healing to get on with your purpose!

✓ WORKING AT DEPTH and as part of a minority of experts “dealing in truth”, I’m speaking up about limitations, bandaids and quick-fixes (such as quick trauma release, EFT tapping over the phone or six sessions of CBT) in mainstream therapy which leave people needing further help down the line.

✓ RHYTHMIC POTENTIAL™ LIFESTYLE METHOD that I use is a step-by-step process for health and harmony. It’s phenomenal because it is a roadmap for healing that is grounded in the truth of the human condition. The simple but high-yield steps are time-tested for 30 years and more. 


“Before Hema I was anxious, exhausted, living on auto-pilot and everything felt sluggish.  From week 2 with Hema I feel a lot more energised in the mornings and had hardly any mental fog. 3 months on I honestly do feel very well in myself – positive, confident and worthy. I lost extra weight too quite easily.  I feel consistently more peaceful now.

I practice what I preach


Now at 40 years of age, I own my health, body, mind and life.

At 40, my fertility was tested as being that of a 31 year old.  I haven’t been to the GP in 7 years.  Covid isn’t even an issue for me and seeing the masses terrified of a disease that kills less than 1% and signing up for a technological experimental jab is a surreal thing for me indeed.  I continue my work peacefully and unaffected helping to shape a world of freedom and empowerment for those who are ready.
I look younger and am more in shape than when my metabolism was supposedly faster in my 20s.

And it’s all through cultivating natural healing and power within the body and mind.
I am living my dream life in Greece – slow, intentional, thoughtful and celebratory.  I came for a 5 day holiday and ended up staying whilst the UK carried in lockdown. I got my residency permit a week before Brexit.  Life is effortlessly in flow and I’m swimming downstream.
My body and mind both back me, my health is my true wealth and the foundation of my vision to help 10,000 women get balanced to bring their unique value into the world.

I can’t believe it. I feel better on all accounts. My IBS like digestive issues are completely gone. I’m sleeping better than ever. I have moved from 3/10 to 8/10 in confidence (self-belief and self-worth) and I’m not even halfway through yet.

 “IBS is a thing of the past.  So much harmony in myself.  I trust myself.  I’m In better shape than ever.” Dhwani

“Life changing.  Blessed with a lot of love & support” Chris

Request a 15-minute consultation and chat to Hema about this program


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