A 9 Month Lifestyle Mentoring Program with Hema 

With everything going on in our world today, the cost of self-neglect has never been higher. Now is the time to reclaim health and mental ease.

This evidence-based, step-by-step diet, sleep and lifestyle program is designed to give you the knowledge of radical self-care and more importantly help you build the skills to apply the knowledge in your everyday life.

Self-care that can lead to forever awakening personal empowerment and potential feeling calm, clear, connected and healthy.

Right now some of your lifestyle habits are working for you. Some of them are not. You know this. You’re ready for change and expert guidance.

I know. I’ve been there too.

Next intake starts June 2022.

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Wake Up Every Morning Calm, Energised, Lean and Aligned To Achieve Deeply Desired Results.

Imagine rise naturally without an alarm clock. You drink coffee because you enjoy it and not because you’re addicted. You have ditched last-minute crash diets, you are grounded to deal with stress when it arises, and you feel clear in your mind and emotions, focussed on your next goals, desires and ambitions.

You feel naturally high and happy for no reason at all.



…Simplicity is badass

I have made changes I’d been trying to make for years before

“I am at a point and place where my digestive issues, weight & anxiety issues have not come back at all since I started with Hema 5-6 weeks ago and I could see that change starting within the first 15 days of my program.
Rani De Silva (NHS Doctor)

A new chapter of freedom and driving towards my vision

“Before Hema I was anxious, exhausted, living on auto-pilot and everything felt sluggish.  From week 3 with Hema I feel a lot more energised in the mornings and had hardly any mental fog. 3 months on I honestly do feel very well in myself – positive, confident and worthy. I lost extra weight too quite easily.  I feel consistently more peaceful now. I listen less to other people’s opinions too.”

 I can’t believe it, I feel better on all accounts

My IBS like digestive issues are completely gone after 3 weeks. I’m sleeping better than ever. I have moved from 3/10 to 8/10 in confidence (self-belief and self-worth) and I’m not even halfway through yet.”

Does any of the following sound familiar?

– You’re feeling driven by habits, patterns cravings and addictions
– Your battery is flat, you feel depleted
– Try as hard as you might, that muffin top on your belly will not budge!
– You feel uncomfortable in your skin and unattractive in your body
– You know you need to play the bigger game with your health but you’re sick of fads and latest do’s and don’ts
– You’ve tried meditating, manifesting, hypnosis, eating healthily, supplements, exercise, therapy, CBT, mindfulness and you don’t want to take pharmaceuticals.
– You’re going around in circles trying to resolve digestive, inflammatory, immune, hormonal or other chronic health issues
– You are worried about ageing and chronic disease and you likely have an autoimmune disorder now which you’re trying to ignore..

You’re tired of self-made experts and overnight coaches promising rapid healing. Now it’s time for something that really works.

How it Works

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Wellness.

Vibrancy is based on:

Mindbody Medicine: Including Orthomolecular Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology, Epigenetics and Quantum Science.
Habit Evolution: 
Get the skills to design your life and make small and profound changes over time.

Ayurveda: The sister science of yoga, the art of living balanced and imperfectly.

Vibrancy is structured around three 12 week phases, with a rhythm of 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Each quarter you deepen your knowledge and raise your own bar.

Each week we work with a different step – so we learn them in the first round and then start to bring them into our busy lives in bitesize chunks. Starting wherever you are. We make progress in round two and over the course of the year, automate them so your lifestyle evolves effortlessly!

There is power in repetition. That’s how you create positive change that lasts.

Round 1: Learn and awaken with the habits.
Round 2: Continue the enlivening process and deepen the habits
Round 3: Deepen and start to really LIVE the habits and the power of their momentum 

In the first round you become part of our dynamic group. You learn the lifestyle medicine changes and our ethos to help you accelerate your journey to health, wellness and balanced thrive.

Relax and attune to being in a super healthy, supportive, growth-oriented environment. 

By Round 2, you’ll already be feeling better, looking better and noticing how much better your quality of life has become.You’ll have higher level thoughts.  Your current body, emotions, and thinking will be reflects your better habits. You’ll be wishing you’d gotten started sooner.

By Round 3, you’ll notice how much better your quality of life has become.
Your better habits will be automatic and natural, your weight will be shifting to optimal, your energy will deepen, your emotions will become increasingly positive, and your thinking will become inspired!
As your body and mind become vibrant, grounded and resilient from the habits, you’ll  become aware of your bigger opportunities. 
In Round 3, you’ll have deeper alignment to your purpose to live a life that is brighter and more fulfilling than you’ve ever imagined. You’ll tap into the next level of your unique purpose and potential.

You will learn and master 8 holistic medical rituals in a foolproof, time-tested step by step methodology to:

Step 1 Power Up Your Body

Step 2 Deepening Your Sleep & Digesting the Clutter

Step 3 Morning is Magic

Step 4 Movement is Key

Step 5 Increase Your Natural Power

Step 6 Heal with Your Hands

Step 7 The Power of the Nervous System Pause

Step 8 Brain & Heart matters

Step 9 How to choose ease and spaciousness for your Spirit instead of stress and constriction

What’s Included:

✓ Weekly LIVE TRAINING Calls (recorded):

We meet on Zoom for a weekly 60 minute training session on one of the habits.  You will leave feeling empowered with clarity, direction and focus.

✓ Weekly LIVE Q & A Call (recorded)
We meet on Zoom for a 60 minute Q & A session to ask questions, get coaching, design each week from a place of clarity and gain profound group traction and MOMENTUM.

Private coaching calls:

2 ‘coaching gyms’ every quarter – 6 in total over the course of the program to get laser coaching and accelerate your results.

✓ Members Hub:
All calls are recorded and saved in the hub for you, as well as tools to make your life EASIER. This isn’t just a hub full of stuff you don’t need!

✓ Evolution Group:
Studies have proven time and time again that together we achieve more. You want to be with people on your wavelength who are actively evolving and navigating the FULLNESS of life.

 “So much harmony in myself.  I trust myself.  I’m In better shape than ever.” Dhwani

“Life changing.  Blessed with a lot of love & support” Chris

Your current ways of doing things come at a cost.
The number one cause of disease is making careless choices.
Lasting epic change happens over time & starts with your daily lifestyle choices.

Questions? Curiosities?

Do you have questions about the program or do you simply wish to get a taste of what it’s like on the inside?
If so you are invited to book your complimentary 30 minute Mind and Body Goals Session.

In this session – either via phone or Zoom – we’ll uncover what you want most in your life, for your body, your relationships, your purpose, you career, your spirit, your joy.

Then, based on your unique desires and real-life situation, we’ll help you define a simple plan including the one habit that will make the biggest difference in the shortest time.  If we can help you reach your goals, we’ll also let you know exactly how we can help you.

And don’t worry – this is not a sales call – it’s truly a complimentary session. We love helping people thrive.

Taking action is rewarding, and availability for these calls goes quickly so you are invited to claim your complimentary session now.

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