I feel so privileged to carry out work that lifts both myself and my beloved clients. Over the years I have been touched by countless and beautiful emails, text messages, Facebook messages and testimonials which I am collating here to share with you – it’s a huge job so bear with me!

“Before working with Hema I was anxious, pessimistic (lacking hope), lacking self-love and care, everything felt sluggish, I was tired, almost in a lower state of getting things done and not coming from a higher energy. I had read some books, tried some supplements, tried Reiki. I was living on auto-piolet, I didn’t know what I wanted.

My original goal was to manage my MS, I found Hema looking for Reiki and I went on a journey into the mind, the past, my self-esteem, the body is only one aspect, it’s been a deeper journey. I feel like I have achieved my goals, I am on the right path.

Now I feel positive, self-confident, increased self-esteem and self-worth and driven towards the things I want. The personalised approach and the coaching accountability really helped me and Hema was really available. I have learned a lot from Hema.

From week 2 I experienced more energy and less mental fog. The things she told me to do were very energising. I am someone who is prone to anxiety, even with the lockdown my anxiety is nothing like it used to be. At the start of the year I literally had 6 weeks endless anxiety, and now even when I get triggered I know how to bounce back.

I feel more confident in myself, in the mornings due to the meditation practice I have less mind chatter and I can think clearly. In the mornings I feel a lot more energised which is nice! I feel consistently more peaceful now. I used to mindlessly snack before and it was all emotional eating! My clothes are definitely looser!

Now looking forward to starting a new chapter and moving into a better space. Preparing for the start of a new chapter of freedom and being my full self. I know what I want now, i’m very clear and this vision is driving me now. I honestly do feel very well in myself and I am definitely going in the right direction. I wasn’t hopeful about my health before, I used to think ‘what if I don’t get better’, and now I don’t have that fear. I listen less to other people’s opinions too. “

by Sam Aziz | Social Worker

“Hema has a level of loving fierceness which can meet you and elevate you to places you can’t go alone. She’s a powerful woman who will call me on my shit so I can up-level my life and grow. She is lovingly harsh. I have been mollycoddled and needed that kick in the butt because she cares so much.”

by Brielle Cotterman | Coach

(Video testimonial kindly on it’s way)

I worked with Hema for 3 months, and 6 months later this is what I’d like to share:

Symptoms before:
Painful headaches and migraines, had an MRI scan which showed nothing
– Extreme fatigue
– Anxiety
– Difficulty living! Could complete simple tasks due to stress and pain, couldn’t meditate because of the pain
– Physically and mentally tired about fear over gluten, wheat and being careful over food and not really ‘knowing’ what not to eat
– Not knowing causes. Was it fear, karma or ascension?

Back then my health was all-consuming, there was fear about not knowing how to ever sort my health out and that it would ruin my 4 month trip
I had gotten to the point where I felt my situation was unfixable and that I will live in this state forever”

What I tried:
– A herbal nutritionist recommended you eliminate gluten, dairy, vegan, corn and you could only eat organic non-GMO tofu while taking herbal supplements to heal the gut.
– Naturopath and Acupuncture, Ascension healing
– Probiotics, natural oils, cumin tablets

Concerns about working with Hema:
– I had been coached before and it hadn’t worked
– I was worried I would not be able to trust the process
– Timing:   I was worried about finding it difficult being coached when away travelling
– Fear of failure: Worried about failing at implementing

I also wanted:
To be in the best shape possible, toned stomach, free from pain, inflammation and headaches
To be self-confident
To meditate daily
To be less trying to control
More self-trust, wanting to be able to trust desires and follow dreams without sabotage

I worked with Hema for 3 months and 6 months on, this is where I am at:
– I lost extra weight – even though this wasn’t my intention AT ALL  nd I know how to keep it off
– No pain, no brain fog, no headaches, no inflammation, NO IBS!
– I feel lighter!
– I meditate daily, couldn’t do that before!
– I have ME time and I ENJOY it as an introvert!
– I was afraid of exercise before and now I love doing it every morning!
I can eat whatever I like, the whole experience of eliminating food is a distant memory!
– Confidence levels improved!
– Living more intuitively and connected more to intuition!
– Trusting myself more!\
– Standing my ground with family!
– I have gotten to know my authentic self!
– I prioritise ME
– I am comfortable with self-care, I know how to take care of myself, I know the non-negotiables — for the rest of my life!
– I get the Mind Body and Spirit connection and I am understanding how they are connected

by Dhwani Patel | Data Analyst

“It’s been 9 months since i first met Hema and i am so grateful i did! My whole life changed the day I met Hema and I have gone through such a beautiful transformation since. Before Hema I had a constant ache in my heart, I was frequently worried with a sinking feeling akin to a panic attack. Being a single parent to two children mean’t the level of worry and anxiety I had was damaging.  I have never felt emotionally, mentally or physically better than right now. I now have better judgment, control of my feelings towards myself and others and I worry much much less. My sleep has improved. I have no ache in my heart.  I have found me and she’s bleedin’ great to be around! As my mentor Hema has changed my life, helped me find my purpose and has showed me the light. I am feeling gratitude and love every day. I walk around with the biggest smile on my face! The positively has effected my whole family. I thank the universe for introducing us, I feel so blessed!”

by Sandra Rakhra | Mother &  Healer

“After a month of working with Hema I feel calm, focused, peaceful and stronger – physically and mentally.  I have lost the extra weight I could never shift.  My sinus and congestion problems are almost non-existent – I am unblocked! I really wasn’t expecting to feel this good because my sole intention in regards to working with Hema was to feel more energised, however, these extra benefits are a welcome bonus.  I’m absolutely addicted to the meditation practice that Hema has introduced me too.  I only wish I could have discovered it sooner. Thank you Hema for your greatness, inspiration and caring demeanor, you make lives so much better!

by Michelle Shahid | Artist & teacher

“It is simply incredible what Hema does and her work has literally saved my life. I tried reflexology, accupuncture and talk therapy for to heal the anxiety of childhood trauma and deep emotional blockages.  I literally feel like the blockages have been removed and I’m expressing so much more. It’s a miracle, my mind state before and after and even my child has noticed the change. Your healing work is so helpful to me and this last week in particular has been incredible for my journey towards wholeness. Yesterday I was easefully able to process more trauma as a child which is something I have not been able to deal with my entire life. For such a long time I had been so worried about my lifestyle and overeating and now after years I making the changes I only dreamed of before. Thank you Hema – I don’t know how you do this work but it’s amazing.” 

by Rani de Silva | GP, Doctor

“I showed up in Hema’s inbox paralysed with anxiety, internally defeated, and quite disempowered. After my transformation I feel more present, more alive and more fully in my life than ever. Even a month into the programme I experienced delight and daily joy like never before in my life. I have nothing, but deep, deep gratitude for my work with Hema. The work we did together was unlike anything I had done before but I felt safely held by her presence as we explored the unknown. The insights she offered into my heart and long-held beliefs allowed me to make connections about things not yet considered, bringing clarity and a deep sense of peace. There is nothing like having your own mentor to show you what you cannot see for yourself and to cultivate what you have had within you all along – immense peace and power.  I’ll be forever in debt to you and I cry as I write this.”
by Gabriella Ayugather | Artist, Healer

“Hema knows exactly what she is doing! She is there for you in the way that you don’t even know you need and is the most amazing investment into your life.  Before working with Hema I would suffer from anxiety and be judgmental towards myself about feelings and emotions. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel from fear of being called sensitive. Through working with Hema I’ve healed the abusive relationship I had with myself. I’ve learnt that I AM enough and that believing anyone else had the answers for me was totally absurd. I’ve learnt the voice of my intuition and I’ve learnt to trust and respect and love myself! I’ve discovered an ability to confidently trust my own decisions and let that lead me through life. I’ve the learnt the beauty of mediation and the simple truth that when I am connected I am able to help myself and others. Hema is so authentic. The fact that she is so honest and reflect truths that perhaps I was starting to avoid!  Initially I thought I would find it challenging to work over Skype, that it wouldn’t be deep enough for me and that I wouldn’t feel any effects of our sessions or connect with Hema the way I wanted to. However I immediately felt a connection with Hema that was more than adequate, it was an incredible experience and sharing that energy transfer with Hema was unreal!  I now look forward to unravelling my divinity as I feel a pull out of the medical world and am looking forward to my next chapter.”

by Mariyha Iqbal | Nurse


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