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Less Stress. More Ease.
Feel younger and stronger.
Bring Life back to your Life.

I don’t know anyone who does not want to improve some aspect of their well-being!

Maybe you are exhausted at the end of each day and on top of that unfulfilled.

Maybe you are recovering from an injury or illness, or managing a chronic condition.

Maybe you are trying to change your sleep or eating habits so you feel more energised and awake.

Maybe you have already made huge leaps in your physical or mental health, and you want to go even deeper into the routines and rituals that make life a vibrant and joyful journey.


Ancient Wisdom. Modern Wellness.

If you are ready for change, I’m here to support you in becoming the next best version of yourself.

Together we take small steps to lasting change, better energy, sleep, digestion, and mental clarity.

Reduce stress, move your body with greater ease, and feel a deeper connection to yourself and your loved ones.

Live in sync with nature’s rhythms, update old patterns and beliefs, and cultivate self-love that will help you thrive in all stages of life.

Is this you?

You need to play the bigger game with your health

You are ready to be guided into your potential

You are sick of fads and diets and going around in circles

You know intellectually what to do, but your daily actions don’t line up

You want to be a better role model to your loved ones

You complain to your friends about your body and mind as you age

Your desire for change is strong

You value accountability and a nudge when life gets hard

Find Freedom from Frenzy

[su_heading size=”37″ margin=”60″]Be prepared to feel better than you ever have![/su_heading]

If you feel







Fed up with diets and fads and meditations that don’t work



Rapidly ageing

Tired of putting everyone else first

If you want

More energy
Get out of your own mind
Deeper sleep and rest
A way of eating that works for you
A better immune system
More focus
A better memory
Less stress

BodyMindAscend offers knowledge, support, accountability, structure, space make deep changes in your life that you would never have made on your own
The right support can be catalyst to actually see the results you have dreamed of.

Own your Life
Co-create your health
Commit to your own evolution
Connect deeply to the Divine


Take the next simple step toward vibrant health.
Schedule a FREE 30-minute wellness strategy session.


We are what we repeatedly do. Are you ready to do things differently?

Quick fix diets and fads don’t work. Lasting epic change happens over time and starts with your daily habits.

What you need to work with me…

  • A desire for change and growth.
  • A willingness to start from where you are.
  • A deep knowing you are worth the time and energy.
  • A commitment to show up and be ALL in.
In these 12 weeks, we will sow the seeds of our wellbeing in the form of these 10 habits, and reap the fruit of a healthy body & mind for the rest of our life. Results include:
  • Feel lighter and more physically vibrant,
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a more grounded way,
  • Inspire others around you,
  • Feel more rested and sleep better,
  • Learn and refine skills and tools for a lifetime,
  • Experience more joy on a daily basis, and
  • Expand your community of health-conscious support accountability

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Hema Neer is a leading strategist in Awake, Vibrant Living, a graceful ageing advocate, and lover of wild places. She loves to lead women towards EASE through a wellness & lifestyle journey to dissolve perfectionism, embody daily habits that promote mental clarity, overall ease, and deeper connection to life on this wild ride of modern living.  She combines ancient wisdom with modern day wellness strategy, VIP private support and mindset shifting to catalyse your transformation and activate your health potential.