Serenity is not freedom from the storm, it’s peace within it.

Imagine if everyone pivoted right now?

This article is about why you shouldn’t pivot.

Remember the following:

People still need your services.  What you tell yourself becomes your reality

Metaphysics is the science that explores the significance and impact of human intention and thought.   For hundreds of years Newtonian science has been used to explain the physical world, where man ‘was thought to be in control’, manipulating and changing the environment, yet somehow remaining unaffected by his actions. We are beginning to see the arrogance of this belief (especially if you notice the parallels between the birth of 5G and Covid-19).  With the birth of quantum physics we can see that something more intangible is at work – metaphysics. It is Einstein’s work in particular that has helped us to understand that energy is able to be manipulated by human intention and expectation. In other words, our flow of energy and the consciousness within it, affects all other energy systems as it dissipates into the world.

People still need your services.  What you tell yourself becomes your reality.

Metaphysics shows that for every law in the physical universe there exists a spiritual equivalent. The failure to acknowledge and understand these spiritual laws and apply them to our lives is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs and positive change makers have lost self-mastery. Until we understand that metaphysics is about the intimate relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions, we will continue to look outside the self for solutions to our problems and blame the world rather than taking responsibility for our own empowerment.

Let’a look to nature next and the passage of seasons.  Nature delivers its changes within
Each season in nature takes 3 months to deliver it’s effect, it’s change.  What we can learn from this is that the process of change is not something that happens overnight.  A lot of the changes between seasons are unseen and subtle  but the end result is clear. A period of consistent effort guarantees a marked change every 3 months.  So get established in your daily routines, learn to sit patiently and allow the power of routine to take effect in your life.

Patience, perseverance are needed to achieve our goals. 

Metaphysics is a living breathing system. It is not a concept simply for analytical and theoretical discussion.  How many times have you cried ‘why me?’  In those instances you have not stopped to consider the connection between physical laws and how they apply to our thoughts, feelings and relationships.  Unles we pay proper attention to how what we think, say and do affects our relaty, we’l continue to be slaves to a whole range of thought processes, feelings and behaviours that deny us ever being ourselves.

There are a lot of problems that need solving right now. How can you solve them right now? You deserve to be paid for that. Get clear on what they need right now – survey to find out.

Remember, metaphysics is largely a question of applying the laws of the physical world i.e. entropy, thermodynamics, gravity etc., to the way that we think, feel and interact in the world. Below are four physical laws that have been translated into everyday principles so that you can appreciate their significance to you. Honour these principles and watch what happens – it’s amazing how much we can influence our own path.

i) Don’t exceed your capacity. Respect your limits. This means eat well, sleep well, think well. Respect yourself. Then your energies will be replenished, enabling you to sustain your endeavours. Remember you can’t give what you haven’t got.

ii) Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. The law of cause and effect is simple, what you give out you will eventually receive. So only give that which you would want to receive.

iii) Treat all energy with respect. Use all energy wisely and considerately. This means use your thoughts, words and your actions in ways that empower you and empower others.

iv) Don’t expect from others that which you are not prepared to do yourself. Otherwise you create a spiral of disappointment, frustration and even depression for yourself.

There are many more of these principles and laws which life paints on the canvas of our minds many times a day.

Practice being still and  the way forward will become clear with much less effort.

Basically, WWhat we think, say, do, how we are in the world will eventually find it’s way back to us. Listed below are a further eight points that can be added to those in Metaphysics 2. These will take you even further down that path of divine-living. A life founded on integrity, that is mindful, kind and serves others will always serve you in ways you didn’t even expect…

1. It is our intention that determines the true value of our actions. In fact our intentions are the primary forces that shape the various outcomes that manifest in our lives. In other words, the outward appearance of our actions means very little, it is what’s ‘beating at the heart of our actions’ that really counts. So pay attention to your intention.

Careful about the story you tell yourself about your business now.  Tweak your marketing. Be there for your people because you are needed now more than ever.

All energy has purpose, value and meaning and as we are energy we too have purpose, value and meaning. If we lose our focus our reason for being, we essentially die and become part of the ‘vertical dead.’ Absent from life, lifeless. Meaning and purpose provide the spark which ignites the mind and energises the spirit. This union offers life-long learning and unique experiences out of which real appreciation and value of oneself can be found. So reconnect to your mission and hearts reason for being.  Love what you do and it will love and nourish you many times over!

You cannot attract happiness and well-being into your life if you don’t believe you’re deserving of it. There is more going on in this universe than meets the eye. Think of the sound you can’t hear because their frequencies are too high, think of the things you can’t see on the spectrum of light i.e. x-rays, ultra-violet rays, microwaves etc. Think of the miracle of the human cell; breathing digesting reproducing, repairing….wow! The miracles we take for granted happening around us every day are staggering. Probably the greatest amongst these is our power to co-create. Without the scientific aids enabling us to see the hidden reality taking place around and within us, these metaphysical events would remain outside our experience. Co-creation is your part in the unfolding of your life and destiny. Life is not just happening to you, your contribution is the primary ingredient.  Remove the incongruence wherever you can.

It’s time to make a contribution that makes your heart sing

Routine is power. Momentum is the engine of success.  Power is created by momentum and consistency. Put into place two positive activities into your schedule each day.  Like: Listening to your favourite music really loudly, dancing! a burst of fun shaking or exercise, read something inspirational, and don’t forget to go for walks in nature! Nature is exempt from the drama of the world. She has her own rules that don’t apply to the media.

And if you can…. rest.  Don’t

If you have been struggling remember: ‘Every moment is an opportunity to make yourself anew’ is an eternal truth that the science of epigenetics (we are more than our genes) backs comprehensively. Stop living a recycled past! Grab the now and make the lessons of yesterday your guide, not your dictator. You are not yesterday, you’re what you make of yesterday. True health and happiness depends on movement. Count your blessings and find appreciation now.  Living this way keeps  growing into your true purpose and potential.If you’ve allowed yourself to get stuck in anger, fear, doubt, hate, low self esteem etc. stop it now! Invent yourself anew today. If you are reading this then it’s not too late.

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