Where Women Thrive Feeling Healthy & Contented.



Where Driven Women Thrive Feeling Healthy & Contented.


Hello, I’m Hema

I am a women’s health & ageing specialist who helps driven women like you thrive feeling mental and physical balance.

I want you to do your work in the world feeling ease and moment-by-moment contentment (for no reason!)

I help women regardless of medical conditions, from MDs to CEOs to professionals interested in women’s health, wealth and empowerment.

Feel the satisfaction of glowing health, rich wellbeing and contentment in your skin.

I hear from women everyday who struggle to find self-care that works long-term from all the options out there.  Elimination diets. Supplements. 3 minute meditations. EDMR. Vitamin injections. Counselling. Crystals. Journalling. All that stuff.

These are fine for temporary relief but hopeless when it comes to sustainable health, healing and happiness.  The fact is there’s a huge difference between superficial bandaids and developing daily lifestyle habits that work at the root-cause level of your dis-ease.

I can help.


Rhythmic Potential

Rhythmic Potential Lifestyle Method

I have a process that helps you to alter your habits to improve your life.

And life itself is a little bit of everything–diet, emotions, obligations, exercise, relationships, spiritual pursuits, daily routines.

Thank you for visiting my site.  Have a look at my About page. Click on my testimonials page and meet some of the people I’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, watch my complimentary training about the exact process I use to help my clients prosper.

Without wellness crazes, modern diets, the latest supplement or even New Age nonsense.

See you in the free training HERE.

And welcome!

Hema Neer

Hema Neer Rhythmic Potential Lifestyle Medicine Testimonial

Feeling Strong, Clear & Connected

“I’m a successful business owner. When I found Hema I was trapped in cycles of burnout, depression and relationship issues. Through years of overwork, I developed Chronic fatigue syndrome. I was addicted to anxiety provoking habits which I used to manage my anxiety. My body was showing wear and tear. I would say that working with Hema saved my life and business. Hema’s knowledge is outstanding and her approach is reliable. I would say meeting Hema saved my business, relationship and life. A year later I’m a completely different place now. I highly recommend working with her if you want to truly find peace in your heart.  Words cannot express my gratitude so as a thank you I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about working with Hema.”
~ Sabine Klar, Business Owner @ Fingerfilm Verlag

Hema Neer Rhythmic Potential Lifestyle Medicine Client Testimonial

 I used to think ‘what if I don’t get better’?

“Before working with Hema I was anxious, lacking hope, everything felt sluggish, I was tired and really stressed out. My original goal was to manage my auto-immune condition. After I found Hema, what occurred after was a deep journey to not only achieving my goals, but feeling positive, self-confident, increased self-esteem and self-worth and driven towards the things I want. I am someone who is prone to anxiety, even with the lockdown my anxiety is nothing like it used to be. I have less mind chatter and I can think clearly. I feel consistently more peaceful now. My clothes are definitely looser!  I honestly do feel very well in myself and I am definitely heading in the right direction to being all that I can be. I wasn’t hopeful about my health before, I used to think ‘what if I don’t get better’, and now I don’t have that fear.”
~ Smaira, Team Leader

Hema Neer Rhythmic Potential Lifestyle Medicine Client Testimonial


“Balanced, healthy and positive like never before.”

“Hema knows exactly what she is doing. She’s there for you in a way you didn’t know you needed.  This is not dry coaching that gets you to work out your own answers. Hema tells you exactly what needs to be done.  I’ve resolved anxiety, bad lifestyle practices and the poor relationship I had with myself.  I know how to take care of myself can hear my intuition and confidently make decisions. Hema is the most amazing investment into all areas of your health and life.
~ Gabriella, Business Owner

Originally from Birmingham UK with Indian heritage, Greece-based women’s health & healing strategist Hema Neer is also an entrepreneur who has overcome anxiety, fatigue, weight issues and hormonal chaos, as well as failing to prioritise her spirit ahead of work and others.  She’s supported women from all over the world to heal their minds and bodies and recover from stress related health conditions (diagnosed or not). to living with more ease and celebration.

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