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“My skill is to unveil your calm, confidence and strength to get you operating in your zone of genius and unique potential, resulting in a sense of eros – vibrancy, vitality and passion in the everyday and beyond.”

You believe a better reality is possible and that you are capable of being more, having more and doing more.

But try as hard as you might, your best self alludes you and your current methods and ways of doing this are leaving you feeling negative, stuck and overwhelmed.

My expression and integration of spirituality and science, mind body spirit medicine, vibrational healing and psychotherapy – works.

Auditing all aspects of the human condition – mind body spirit – is the most powerful and sustainable way to ignite your best life experience.  Unless all needs of mind body spirit are harmonised, a deficiency will always show up in life leaving one chasing peace, health and happiness.  

But trying to figure it all out on your own is confusing and tackling the bits that you think are the problems by going to different experts can be damaging.

That’s Where I Come In

My name is Hema. I catalyse change in people who are looking to accelerate their health and wellness to live the life of their soul.  I love to work with high achieving and mission driven professionals, business owners, leaders and CEOs.

Working with me solves and resolves your inner energetics so that you can have clarity, courage, confidence and success.

My clients share one thing in common: they are committed to unfolding their best self to contribute to a more harmonious world. They organically find themselves dropping the struggle and hiding to participate fully in life with their essential nature and satisfied hearts safely revealed.

Why you should listen to me over the countless other voices spouting Health, Happiness and Healing knowledge bombs?

Let me give you the short answer …

I don’t care for amassing followers, being liked or holding back the truth you need to hear about New Age nonsense.

I care about your one precious and sacred life like it’s my own.

I care about your sanity and helping you get your mind back.

I care about your mission, your purpose, your potential.

I stand for high frequency living the way nature intended. Your peace and presence is vital to the well-being & evolution of our world.  Heaven on earth begins in you.  Unlocking your self-authority and ownership of your life experience is priceless.

Health isn’t merely the absence of dis-ease. It’s the art of living optimally with fulfilment and passion.

“Open-mouthed in sheer amazement since the day I met you!”

“I have processed deep fear, trauma, anxiety and emotional blockages. I’m expressing myself with confidence and clarity. It’s a miracle, my mind state before and after and even my child has noticed the change. I have made the changes I only dreamed of before. Your unique combination of healing techniques has literally saved my life.  Thank you Hema – I have no idea how you do what you do, but it’s amazing.”

– Rani, GP Doctor

“I experience delight and daily joy like never before in my life.”

“I was paralysed with depression, anxiety, internally defeated and powerless. Hema helped me heal and connect on things I had no idea about, bringing clarity and a deep sense of peace very quickly. I’m now more present, more alive and more fully in my life. I have nothing, but deep, deep gratitude for my work with Hema.”

– Gabriella, Entrepreneur

“I now trust, respect and love myself and know that I AM enough”

“Hema knows exactly what she is doing! She is there for you in a way you didn’t even know you needed. I’ve healed anxiety, judgement and the abusive relationship I had with myself. I’ve learned to hear my intuition and now have confidence and in myself and my decisions. Hema is the most amazing investment into your life and journey. “

– Mariyha Iqbal, Nurse