Gut Health & Lifestyle Medicine | Natural Healing | Stress & Disease

  Fix digestive issues
  Body confidence & weight
✓  Sleep soundly

  Age well, preserve fertility and avoid the doctor’s office
✓  Consistent energy

360° approach – removing toxins, waste & blocks across MIND BODY SOUL & ENVIRONMENT – to fix ALL root causes for sustainable results.

Gut Health & Lifestyle Medicine | Natural Healing | Stress & Disease




  Fix digestive issues
  Body confidence & weight
✓  Sleep soundly

  Age well, preserve fertility and avoid the doctor’s office
✓  Consistent energy





360° approach – removing toxins, waste & blocks across MIND BODY SOUL & ENVIRONMENT – to fix ALL root causes for sustainable results.


Here’s what others have to say about their lasting results:


After trying nutritionists, acupuncture and having an MRI scan, I worked with Hema for 3 months, and 5 months later I still have no brain fog, no headaches, no inflammation, NO IBS! I can eat whatever I like, the whole experience of eliminating food is a distant memory!  Although it wasn't my intention I have lost the extra weight and kept it off.  I'm more confident, living more intuitively, I trust myself, I am comfortable with self-care, I know how to take care of myself, I know the non-negotiables -- for the rest of my life.  ~ Dhwani


I work for the NHS as a GP. What Hema does is simply incredible. Before meeting her I had anxiety, insomnia and childhood trauma and tried reflexology, acupuncture and talk therapy. It’s a miracle, my mind state before and after working with Hema.  Even my baby daughter has noticed the change. For such a long time I had been so worried about my lifestyle, overeating and trauma.  Now after years I making the changes I only dreamed of before.  ~ Dr De Silva


Before Hema I was anxious, exhausted, living on auto-pilot and everything felt sluggish. From week 3 with Hema I feel a lot more energised in the mornings and hardly any mental fog. I was losing extra weight too quite easily. I feel consistently more peaceful now. I honestly do feel very well in myself - positive, confident and worthy. I wasn't hopeful about my auto-immune condition before, I used to think 'what if I don't get better', and now I don't have that fear.  ~ Sam

You too can feel balanced, natural & back in control in just 10 weeks

Welcome to my site, I’m super glad you found me


What if you could achieve more of your potential without it affecting your health & figure?

You are here because you need to get back in control of your mind and body, so you can thrive in all areas of your life.  But right now you feel hijacked by outdated moods, habits and patterns, your body is also signalling to you that you need to make changes.  Conventional methods like talk therapies, diet & nutrition and pharmaceuticals temporarily bandage your symptoms.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to simplify your life with the precise steps you need to fix digestive issues, resolve anxiety, sleep soundly, attain and maintain your ideal weight, avoid the doctors office, relieve pain and have stable, thriving energy throughout each day – permanently.

My clients are empowered to live bigger, better, more aligned lives, to achieve deeply desired visions.  

I know that sounds nuts right now but I’ve done it for hundreds of people just like you.

It starts with strong digestion – my zone of genius.

Current ways to work with me:

• 3 month private coaching (for optimal digestive health)
• 9 month private coaching
• Tailored Weekly psychotherapy

Life is too short to go round in circles with wellness crazes, modern fads or self-helperie. Don’t be held back by your mind and body. You were made for more.

I’m a Holistic & Integrative psychotherapist (including trauma work, EFT, CBT, hypnosis), Ayurvedic Practitioner, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, energy healer & detox expert.

I’m also a priestess of Gaia and a lover of nature, her rhythms, energies and laws.

Working with me connects you back to nature, to remove the toxins, blocks, congestion and waste from your life so that you can thrive in balance.

Using the Rhythmic Potential™ (Lifestyle) method, my clients take back control and leave my world feeling empowered to live radiant lives, in spite of the chaos of the 21st century.  


I’m different

As part of a minority of experts “dealing in truth”,  
I’m speaking up about the huge problem of quick fixes and bandaid solutions that just don’t work long-term.  Like CBT.  Hypnosis.  Mindfulness.  Energy healing.  Nutrition.  Kundalini Yoga.  All that stuff is useful but limited when used in isolation, causing clients to need further help within 3-12 months.

Here the approach is quite the opposite. By using an integrative approach which works at depth, you are freed from the never-ending cycle of seeking solutions.  I teach changes in daily routine and self-care leading to radical shifts in personal power. The process just works.   

Lasting change is only possible when MIND, BODY and SPIRIT work together in harmony with one’s ENVIRONMENT.  Unless all  blindspots in your mind, body, spirit and environment are analysed and addressed, something will be missed and you will stay stuck.

I don’t believe in fads, modern diets and trashy versions of the truth.  Veganism doesn’t work for everyone, some supplements are criminal and Law of Attraction is causing harm.

So welcome to my site.   Have a look at my About page. Click on my Testimonials page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with. I am proud of my record because I don’t make promises I can’t fulfil.   

And when you’re ready please check back here in October 2021 to watch a complimentary training “5 Shifts To Fixing Your Digestive Issues (Whether Diagnosed or Not) So You Can Feel Balanced and Back in Control”.  

Welcome to my world of freedom!

Talk soon,
Hema Neer

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