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Sustainable results since 2011.  No wellness crazes or mindset quick fixes guaranteed.

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Transform “tired and overwhelmed” to calm, clear & lit up

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Transform “stressed and overwhelmed” to calm, clear & lit up

Simply sign up to receive 7 Must Dos To Light Up – a guide packed with wisdom to help you avoid the major pitfalls of transformation and fast-track you to what works so you can shine your most radiant self and contribute to a better world.

No wellness crazes or modern fads guaranteed. (You’ll also receive weekly inspiration.)

“I have so much harmony within myself. I trust myself. I’m in better shape than ever.”



“I have so much harmony within myself. I trust myself. I’m in better shape than ever.”


Imagine your future self if you continue anxious, heavy, stressed and exhausted.


Unfulfilled dreams.
Untapped potential.
Mediocre relationships.
Chronic disease.


Life is too short to go round in circles with anymore therapies or self-help.  You were made for more.


Imagine your future self if you continue anxious, heavy, stressed and exhausted.


Unfulfilled dreams. Untapped potential.  Mediocre relationships. Chronic disease.


Life is too short to go round in circles with any more therapies or self-help.
You were made for more.


Clear, strong & connected

When I found Hema, to the world I appeared successful, however, the inside was a different story as I suffered, trapped in cycles of pain.  I had developed chronic health conditions from overwork and bad habits which over time proved to be frighteningly disastrous.  I would say meeting Hema saved my business, relationship and life.  A year later I’m a completely different place now.  Words cannot express my gratitude so as a thank you I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about working with Hema.


Open-mouthed in amazement since the day I met you!

I work as a GP and I don’t know how Hema does this work but it’s simply incredible and has literally saved my life. I came to Hema with anxiety, insomnia and childhood trauma.  I tried reflexology, acupuncture and talk therapy.  The blocks have lifted and I’m expressing my authentic self so much more. It’s a miracle, my mind state before and after.  Even my young child has noticed the change. Hema’s healing work has been incredible for my journey to wholeness. I’ve processed childhood trauma which is something I have not been able to deal with my entire life. For such a long time I had been so worried about my lifestyle and overeating and now after years I making the changes I only dreamed of before.


Looking forward to a new chapter of freedom and driving towards my vision.

Before working with Hema I was anxious, hopeless, lacking self-love and everything felt sluggish. I was exhausted, living on auto-pilot. I didn’t know what I wanted.

My original goal was to manage my Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease.  I had read some books, tried some supplements and tried Reiki.  I found Hema thinking the issue was my body, but I ended up going into a much deeper journey through the mind, the past, my confidence and inner world.

I feel like I have achieved my goals, I am on the right path.  I feel positive, self-confident, have increased self-esteem and self-worth and I’m driven towards the things I want. The personalised approach and close connection really helped me and Hema was really available. I have learned a lot from Hema.

From week 2, I experienced more energy and less mental fog. I was losing extra weight too quite easily. The things she told me to do were very energising. I am someone who is prone to anxiety and even with the lockdown my anxiety is nothing like it used to be. At the start of the year I literally had 6 weeks of endless anxiety, and now even when I get triggered I know how to bounce back.

I feel more confident in myself. I have less mind chatter and I can think clearly. In the mornings I feel a lot more energised which is nice! I feel consistently more peaceful now. I used to mindlessly snack before and it was all emotional eating! My clothes are definitely looser!

Now looking forward to a new chapter of freedom and being my full self. I know what I want now, I’m very clear and this vision is driving me. I honestly do feel very well in myself and I am definitely going in the right direction. I wasn’t hopeful about my health before, I used to think ‘what if I don’t get better’, and now I don’t have that fear. I listen less to other people’s opinions too. 



Since 2011, Hema Neer has empowered hundreds of changemakers to reclaim their health, wisdom and joy and live with deeper success.

From coaches to creatives to CEOs to professionals, Hema’s clients share one thing in common – they wish to shine brightly and contribute to a better world.

In 2007, Hema began the journey from trying, pushing, comparison, pleasing and forgetting the self – to trusting her (introverted) nature is more than enough.  She failed hundreds of times and wants you to avoid the common pitfalls of healing and fast-track you to what works so you can feel radiant, energised, vibrant, whole and enough.

Hema uses a methodology of simple, achievable changes in daily routine and mindset, to remove health barriers and mindset blocks at the root-cause level, leading to radical shifts in personal power.

Hema is really into music with soul from old drum and bass to playing Chopin on her piano to singing classical indian. She currently living her dream life – slow, real, simple, nature-infused, intentional, connection filled – on the magical island of Rhodes in Greece.

She’s so glad you’ve found her! Reach out anytime…

You'll quickly discover: I am not a conventional coach


I don’t care for amassing likes by holding back the truth on the issues that nearly nobody is talking about about.  


I turn away anyone looking for an unrealistic quick fix from joining my programmes which is a costly decision.  Nature turns over her changes in 3 monthly seasons.  It takes 9 months to grow a baby.  You are not exempt from these timescales.  


You won’t find ANYTHING New Age in my world.  Law of Attraction is a trashy version of ancient truths and is causing greed and harm. 



Part of a minority of experts ‘dealing in truth’

I’m speaking up about the limitations in counselling, therapy, coaching and healing, which leave people needing further help down the line.

Lasting change is only possible when mind, body and soul work together in healthy relationship with your environment.  Only then do you truly take back your power, once and for all.


Truly Holistic

By ‘holistic’ I mean that we work within a coherent mind-body-spirit-environment model which recognises that unless the needs of the individual are addressed in all four of these areas, then success and balance cannot be sustainably achieved.



Not only do I ‘integrate’ the major psychological theories and approaches but I also integrate seemingly unrelated disciplines, which in fact do impact on wellbeing. These include: hydrotherapy, diet and nutrition, metaphysics, epigenetics, orthomolecular medicine, neuroscience and neurotheology, to name a few.



Person specific: although we have a VERY clear model and approach, I always adapt to the individual.  The model is flexible and fluid because the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work.  Life-events that have led to one individual’s problem may require greater sensitivity, time and empathy to achieve the desired results. So realistic timescales are taken into account with progress reviewed at regular intervals but I am not driven by the clock.



There is a movement towards shorter therapy and solutions in the healing, psychotherapy, counselling and coaching world.  I don’t believe in timescales. Experience teaches that two people can come into therapy looking for a resolution for their anxiety, and one individual may find their solution in 6–12 weeks and another could take 6-12 months.



I offer a unique and unusual arrangement of many traditions and disciplines. My approach doesn’t pretend that one modality has all the answers. 

“I’m halfway through my programme and I have to say this is the best thing I’ve done for myself.  I’m happier, energetic, less worried and I believe in myself.  I’m really excited at what’s coming next.”



“I’m halfway through my programme and I have to say this is the best thing I’ve done for myself.  I’m happier, energetic, less worried and I believe in myself.  I’m really excited at what’s coming next.”



How You Can Work With Me


"Start Here" Session - All Welcome

Part advisory and strategy, part enlightening, part healing, total block busting.

This session is for you if you don’t feel your best and you don’t know what to do about it.  If you know you are meant for more and you want to feel, be and look, love and show up better – and you are directionless – this session is for you. Whether you are brand new to personal development or you have tried numerous ways to be the best you can be, by the end of the session you will be clear on what you need to do.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

 Prevent wasting resources on any more self-help bandaids that aren’t deep enough to heal you sustainably.

Prevent feeling dissatisfied with any more one-size-fits-all approaches and end the search for the next holy grail.

 Remove bad information, jargon or mainstream myths with a a clinically supported breakdown of your individual condition to reveal true root-causes of your condition.

❖ A 360° solution to your unique symptoms by focussing on synergy of the four pillars of optimal life experience – Mind, Body, Soul and Environment.

Additionally receive an energy healing to alchemise fear, worry and negativity to wholeness, clarity and positivity.

 There are over 1,000 healing modalities available and in the last decade I have tried many of these from very affordable to very expensive. Having spend nearly 6 figures on my education, I will fast-track you to what works to save you time and energy so you can get on with living your life.

❖ Most quick and free consultations out there may leave you hanging.Nothing is held back in these sessions. You are given simple, actionable next steps with no agenda other than desire for your freedom.

The Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment system is phenomenal because it is a simple, affordable, way to heal that works every time. The power of the system is due to the system being grounded in the truth of the human condition. It merges the best of science and spirituality.

After booking this session you receive a questionnaire to articulate the challenges you face right now, and identify the shifts you want to make, so that we can dive straight into our time together.

My clients have called these sessions “the answer to their prayers” and “a breath of fresh air”.


✓ Apply the 4 pillars elements of LIFE to your life right now to have a breakthrough.
✓ Harness the power of Hema answering YOUR questions.
✓ Leave with focus, direction and inspired action.
✓ Remember, the session includes a review of your questionnaire, and a 15 minute check in 2 weeks later, and energy is held for you throughout.
✓ This session is the culmination of over a decade of research, education and personal experience, formatted into an offering that is designed to save you any more time and energy figuring things out yourself.

“I want to thank you for your help and incredible capacity for love Hema xx” Michelle Ferrarin



3 or 9 month coaching - By Application

High touch 1:1 coaching and mentoring for healing, personal growth and life/business momentum.  Either 2 or 3 sessions per month, via phone, along with email support between sessions.

Deepest support in the process of change and empowerment to bring yourself into alignment with your best version.

Perfect if you crave significant mentorship and guidance to be your best version.

Immersions combines ancient wisdom with impeccable private support and mindset, health and spirituality strategy to catalyse sustainable change.

“Not only is Hema my guide and mentor, she’s a very honest friend and someone I know has my back. I have accessed a level of strength, confidence and power up that had remained elusive up until now. Our enjoyable and fun session are healing and soulful. I have an integrated strength and clear understanding of who I am and how I work to show up as my best. This is the most peace and trust I have felt in all the years and I have tried quite a few courses and retreats! Grounding. Refreshing. Real. Sustainable. Magical. Practical. Wise. Truth with a capital T. The shifts within me are seismic, yet they’ve occurred so gradually and effortlessly. I’ve never felt more held or supported. My life is set for even more joy as I continue practicing all that I know as the teachings are timeless.  Thank you Hema.”

Emma Robertson, Marketing Business Owner


I’m in the best shape, confident and following my dreams

I worked with Hema for 3 months, and 5 months later this is what I’d like to share:

Symptoms before:
Painful headaches and migraines, had an MRI scan which showed nothing
– Extreme fatigue
– Anxiety
– Difficulty living! Could complete simple tasks due to stress and pain, couldn’t meditate because of the pain
– Physically and mentally tired about fear over gluten, wheat and being careful over food and not really ‘knowing’ what not to eat

Back then my health was all-consuming, there was fear about not knowing how to ever sort my health out and that it would ruin my 4 month trip
I had gotten to the point where I felt my situation was unfixable and that I will live in this state forever.

What I tried:
– A herbal nutritionist recommended you eliminate gluten, dairy, vegan, corn and you could only eat organic non-GMO tofu while taking herbal supplements to heal the gut.
– Naturopath and Acupuncture, Ascension healing
– Probiotics, natural oils, cumin tablets 

Concerns about working with Hema:
– I had been coached before and it hadn’t worked
– I was worried I would not be able to trust the process
– Timing:   I was worried about finding it difficult being coached when away travelling
– Fear of failure: Worried about failing at implementing 

I also wanted:
To be in the best shape possible, toned stomach, free from pain, inflammation and headaches
To be self-confident
To meditate daily
To be less trying to control
More self-trust, wanting to be able to trust desires and follow dreams without sabotage

I worked with Hema for 3 months and 6 months on, this is where I am at:
– I lost extra weight – even though this wasn’t my intention at all and I know how to keep it off
– No pain, no brain fog, no headaches, no inflammation, NO IBS!
– I feel lighter!
– I meditate daily, couldn’t do that before!
– I have ME time and I ENJOY it as an introvert!
– I was afraid of exercise before and now I love doing it every morning!
I can eat whatever I like, the whole experience of eliminating food is a distant memory!
– Confidence levels improved!
– Living more intuitively and connected more to intuition!
– Trusting myself more!
– Standing my ground with family!
– I have gotten to know my authentic self
– I prioritise ME
– I am comfortable with self-care, I know how to take care of myself, I know the non-negotiables — for the rest of my life
– I get the Mind Body and Spirit connection and I am understanding how they are connected


I have found me and she’s bleeding great to be around!

It’s been 9 months since I first met Hema and i am so grateful I did! My whole life changed and I have gone through such a beautiful transformation ever since. Before Hema I had a constant ache in my heart, I was frequently worried with a sinking feeling akin to a panic attack. Being a parent to two children mean’t the level of worry and anxiety I had was damaging.  I have never felt emotionally, mentally or physically better than right now. I now have better judgment, control of my feelings towards myself and others and I worry much, much less. My sleep has improved. I have no ache in my heart.  I have found me and she’s bleeding great to be around! As my mentor, Hema has changed my life, helped me find my purpose and has showed me the light. I am feeling gratitude and love every day. I walk around with the biggest smile on my face! The positively has effected my whole family. I thank the universe for introducing us, I feel so blessed!


Calm, focussed, peaceful and stronger

After a month of working with Hema I feel calm, focused, peaceful and stronger – physically and mentally.  I have lost the extra weight I could never shift.  My sinus and congestion problems are almost non-existent – I am unblocked! I really wasn’t expecting to feel this good because my sole intention in regards to working with Hema was to feel more energised, however, these extra benefits are a welcome bonus.  I’m absolutely addicted to the meditation practice that Hema has introduced me too.  I only wish I could have discovered it sooner. Thank you Hema for your greatness, inspiration and caring demeanor, you make lives so much better!


“I’m in synchronicity and flow now with business and relationships.”



“I’m in synchronicity and flow now with business and relationships.”



Transform “stressed” to ease, peace, space and grace.

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