Welcome Beautiful Human

I’m Hema, and my passion is your freedom to radiate as You.

In a world of conformity, living authentically is an altered state. How do remain grounded and real in your essence?

In order to hear, feel, know or awaken to Truth, we humans must be clear. From this place we express and manifest what it is we desire to be in this world.

Alive. Confident. Free.


Underneath the clutter, you are a powerful and intuitive soul. How are you going to awaken your soul’s genius and purpose?

You only get one body. Your soul is housed in this vessel. When you create a rock-solid connection with the way you take care of yourself you enter a field of profound growth and miracles.

Your vessel becomes a conduit of light, clarity and joy, your radiance becomes irresistible to the world around you, who love what you do and say a fervent Yes to life.  You help to shape a world of prosperity and freedom for yourself.

For the past 11 years I’ve mentored hundreds of people — top professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, physicians, healers, artists, and coaches — all of whom are committed to being the best they can be.

I don’t believe in fads or one-size-fits-all strategies that temporarily alleviate symptoms and leave you feeling empty and dissatisfied. Together, we uncover the magic of YOU that is uniquely yours so you can create a life filled with authentic connection and real joy that flows from a strong, clear and radiant bodymind.

Let’s get started.

Hema it’s amazing what you do. Yesterday I was completely blocked with anger and today I am flowing. I literally feel like the blockages have been removed and I’m expressing so much more. It’s a miracle, my mind state before and after. My child even fell asleep during the last session too, as if the energy work affected her too. Your healing work is so helpful to me and this last week in particular has been incredible for my journey towards wholeness. Yesterday I was able to process more trauma of being starved as a child which is something I have not been able to deal with my entire life. For such a long time I had been so worried about my lifestyle and overeating and now after years I am taking the first steps in a healthier lifestyle and eating as my inner child is healing and finally trusts that there is no food scarcity anymore – an incredible step in the right direction.Thank you Hema – I don’t know how you do this work but it’s amazing.

Anonymous, GP, Birmingham

It’s been 9 months since i first met Hema and i am so grateful i did! My whole life changed that day. Before I met Hema, I always knew there something missing. I had a constant ache in my heart. I was frequently worried with a sinking feeling like I was going to have a panic attack. Being a single parent to two children mean’t the level of worry and anxiety I had was damaging. I now have better judgment, control of my feelings towards myself and others and I worry much much less. My sleep has improved. I have no ache in my heart. The biggest unexpected shift was changing from a meat lover to a vegetarian! I have never felt emotionally, mentally or physically better than right now. Before finding Hema my main concern was that I needed someone non-judgmental, friendly and approachable.  I have gone through such a beautiful transformation since the day I met Hema. I have found me and she’s bleedin’ great to be around! As my mentor Hema has changed my life, helped me find my purpose and has showed me the light. I am feeling gratitude and love every day. I walk around with the biggest smile on my face! The positively has effected my whole family. I thank the universe for introducing us, I feel so blessed.

Sandra Rakhra, Birmingham

I showed up in Hema’s inbox paralysed with anxiety, internally defeated, and quite disempowered. The work we did together was unlike anything I had done before, but I felt safely held by her presence as we explored the unknown. The insights she offered into my heart and long-held beliefs allowed me to make connections about things not yet considered, bringing clarity and a deep sense of peace. What I most noticed from our work was how I showed up in the world after our session. I felt more present. More alive. More fully in my life. For a solid month after our sessions, I experienced delight and daily joy like never before in my life. I have nothing, but deep, deep gratitude for my work with Hema

Gabriella, Berlin

Hema knows exactly what she is doing! She is there for you in the way that you don’t even know you need and she is the most amazing investment into your spiritual journey.  Before working with Hema I would suffer from anxiety and be judgmental towards myself about feelings and emotions. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel from fear of being called sensitive. Through working with Hema I’ve healed the abusive relationship I had with myself. I’ve learnt that I AM enough and that believing anyone else had the answers for me was totally absurd. I’ve learnt the voice of my intuition and I’ve learnt to trust and respect and love myself! I’ve discovered an ability to confidently trust my own decisions and let that lead me through life. I’ve the learnt the beauty of mediation and the simple truth that when I am connected I am able to help myself and others. Hema is authentic. The fact that she is so honest and reflect truths that perhaps I was starting to avoid!  Initially I thought I would find it challenging to work over Skype, that it wouldn’t be deep enough for me and that I wouldn’t feel any effects of our sessions or connect with Hema the way I wanted to. However I immediately felt a connection with Hema that was more than adequate, it was an incredible experience and sharing that energy transfer with Hema was unreal!  I now look forward to unravelling my divinity as I feel a pull out of the medical world and am looking forward to my next chapter.

Mariyha Iqbal, 23 years old, Nurse