Hema Neer is a health and lifestyle medicine expert & natural healing fanatic based in UK and Greece. She partners with driven women & conscious achievers to resolve Anxiety, Brainfog and Fatigue (and other Mood & Body Issues) so they can express their purpose fully.

Hema Neer is a health and lifestyle medicine expert & natural healing fanatic based in UK and Greece. She partners with driven women & conscious achievers to resolve Anxiety, Brainfog and Fatigue (and other Mood & Body Issues) so they can express the best of themselves.


Hema is the straight-talking wellness pro every busy woman needs.  She will help you unfold deep health the efficient and timeless way, without obsessing over elimination diets, supplements or the latest wellness trend. Human beings aren’t separate to nature, we are nature. When we listen to it’s rhythm and connect to its intelligence, we thrive.


Hema Neer is a diverse therapist known for working at depth.  With a background including Ayurvedic Health Counselling and Holistic Psychotherapy, she combines various Eastern and Western philosophies including gut health, energy healing, yoga, psychoneuroimmunology, meditation, mind body medicine and more.

For the past 15 years, Hema has coached the inspired creatively ambitious — corporate professionals, business-women, community leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, executives — all of whom are committed to being their best.

Hema’s own journey enabled her to get to the truth of how to create positive change that lasts.  As a transformational synergist, she does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and uses a comprehensive blend of eastern medicine and new science to address all the root causes of disconnection and imbalance across MIND BODY SPIRIT and ENVIRONMENT which means nothing is missed.

Sustainable results include healing anxiety, rising out of depression, sleeping soundly, healing digestive issues, attaining and maintaining ideal weight, relieving pain and having stable, thriving energy throughout each day.  All her clients take back control and leave her world feeling empowered to live radiant lives in spite of the chaos of the 21st century.


“I’ve been in the corporate world – the 9-5 plus the extra 40 hours. The commutes, The powerdressing, The chemicals, My soul was being crushed, I was part of the walking dead in a zombie-rat race or on a hamster wheel, perpetually keeping up with work, gym, drinks, home, sleep, work.  Underneath all that façade and from my eastern background I knew deep down in my body there was more to life.”


Other than helping others, Hema’s passion revolves around music – Playing Chopin on her piano and singing indian classics to listening to underground drum and bass and blissing out to zoned out ambient music. She lived in the music hub of Berlin with her two black cats after some years of glamorous travel and yachting. In 2020, she spontaneously moved to a greek island to escape Brexit and the Lockdowns to live a life by the sea. 

While she still loves an occasional rave, her days of popping pills and living for the weekend are well and truly over. She has now fully embodied a natural lifestyle for long enough to know that it if you’re looking for a more enriched life, this sure is a way to do it. 




Moving forwards / Celebrating your journey

You are invited to a free bonus session where we will anchor in your achievements since you made the decision to work with me.

We can also look at how best to stay connected, maintain your achievements to keep you on track and supported towards your vision for the future.

Please note, your free session is 30 minutes and this time goes fast. Please respect my time by taking 30 minutes of your time to answer the questions below so I can help you. Let’s keep this a fair exchange and respect each other.


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    GAP: What is your vision and what’s the difference between how you feel now and how you wish to feel? 

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