Moving forwards / Celebrating your journey

You are invited to a free bonus session where we will anchor in your achievements since you made the decision to work with me.

We can also look at how best to stay connected, maintain your achievements to keep you on track and supported towards your vision for the future.

Please note, your free session is 30 minutes and this time goes fast. Please respect my time by taking 30 minutes of your time to answer the questions below so I can help you. Let’s keep this a fair exchange and respect each other.


Please fill in the form to claim your free bonus session

    Your Name

    GAINS: shifts you would like to celebrate with me - before and afters? In your Body? Mindset? Lifestyle habits? Purpose? Relationships?

    OTHER WINS: Where else have there been changes in your life in your body, mindset and spirituality? Things you were doing or feeling now that you weren't before?

    GAP: What is your vision and what’s the difference between how you feel now and how you wish to feel? 

    What is the most important thing that you would like to discuss during our session?

    Now that your support is coming to an end, there are different ways of staying connected or receiving support for the future. If this speaks to you, please share how staying connected with me would ideally look for you
. Please also share the budget you have in mind.

    Thank you for taking the time to apply. Once you have submitted this form, you can book a day and time for us to speak via my online diary. I will email you a link to my diary after you have submitted this form.

    Looking forward to our session together!


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